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Webfiction and Fanfiction


Ember Demon
WFTO Backer
Jan 10, 2012
Anyone else read various fiction on the web? Most of the series I read update slowly, but they're pretty good. Here's what I read and recommend:

Worm - A series about superpowered humans. The main character is a girl who can control insects, spiders, and other things with simple nervous systems. She wants to be a hero, but through a series of events becomes an accidental villain.

Dungeon Keeper Ami - A crossover of Sailor Moon and Dungeon Keeper, of all things. Far better than it sounds. Sailor Mercury gets transported to the DK universe about 20 years after the events of DK1 by magical accident, finds herself in an abandoned dungeon with a Horned Reaper and an inert Dungeon Heart. She bonds with the latter not realizing that it will make her a Keeper. Awesomeness and hilarity ensues.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - What if Harry's aunt Petunia wasn't a bad person and married an Oxford professor instead of Mr. Dursley? Harry gets raised with love and care and is taught to think rationally and scientifically, and he's far more awesome.

Prince of the Dark Kingdom - What if Harry's parents fled from Britain instead of staying to fight and Voldemort wins the war? Harry still ends up getting stuck with his aunt and uncle, but having been raised for a while by his parents in Germany he's not quite a pushover. Then Snape shows up to drag him to magical Britain after he does some accidental magic. Word of warning - the author often has notably bad spelling or grammar, but the story is good.

Overlady - Crossover of the Overlord game series and Zero no Tsukaima. Louise fails to summon Saito or any familiar whatsoever, so she runs away. Eventually she does find her familiars though - turns out it's Gnarl and the Minions. Louise is the new Overlady, and given her temper and propensity for violence she's quite accidentally good at being evil.

Naruto: Game of the Year Edition - I consider this one a guilty pleasure. Naruto gets killed, gets a "Game Over" screen, and has to start his entire life over as a video game. Stuff ensues. Not always well written, but still entertaining. Updates are very infrequent.

Rationalising Death - Rewrite of Death Note where Light and L are both like Harry in Methods of Rationality. Only 5 chapters so far, but very good if you like HPMoR.
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