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WFTO Online Multiplayer


Ember Demon
Jan 10, 2012
It would work similar to DK2 I would imagine - a map would have some number of Underlords starting off with a dungeon heart and possibly a few other things like basic rooms or creatures depending on the map, and they would then build up their dungeons and move out into the map in an effort to kill one another. You could also team up with other Underlords against other teams of Underlords.

The main difference would be the different Veins of Evil giving players very different options in terms of strategy.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
Dec 29, 2012
So how would this work in WFTO multiplayer can anyone answer me plz
you made a topic for multiplayer before right? why open a new thread?

the gameplay doesnt change so its like .... playing WFTO instead of against the AI, against another Person?

you will have to wait and see i guess

EDIT: (Deleted)

EDIT² nope i found it: https://subterraneangames.com/threads/totally-not-wfto-wednesday-13.2563/page-2#post-23953 (its not your thread but you got an answer there (not to the exactly SAME question but you know)
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