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What is the overlord?

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Jan 25, 2015
first do not know if this question in the right place and if it is not, sorry

So I wonder if already been told what would be the overlords, would it be an entity that wants to dominate everything, or entity that has been corrupted?
Basically wanted to know if you will create a world for the game for example there were human and just good entity until one of these entity became evil or the overlords would be a manifestation of the evil.
Basically the question is if you will explain or already explained what would be the overlords.
If you did not do the story explaining about the overlords, this does not bother me because to me the game needs to be fun and just that is enough.
Or maybe this story would be the War for the overworld the beginning ??
I'm asking this because when you guys presented a new character (vampire hunter, etc) in some of them you guys talked about their origins so I was wondering what would be the overlords ??
Maybe this topic is kind of useless because you guys probably can not give spoilers ...
Sorry for the bad english (google translator).
A truly vile and evil being. Vast and gluttonous. His terrible hide is spotted with crimson lumps, his near-blind eyes are magnified by glass. He sits in his own underground Lair below the dark female entity that birthed him. Before him lies a square monolith with which he sees all in his underworld domain.
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