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Why hasn't there been any new updates in over 4 months?

Jan 6, 2013
And this forum is has been pretty much dead for just as long. I hope you will start to tease your next game soon.

Just a reminder...

"You can make any game you want so long as it is WFTO" - The WFTO community.


Award Winning Community Manager
Dev Team
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
For the most part it's simply because our team is just preoccupied with all the work surrounding Project: Aftercare. There's just no news to share right now.

Community Spotlights are continuing but I've not managed to find a moment to knock one out recently (I was on leave in February) March was a major milestone on Aftercare, the sudden shutdown of the store and an influx of a massive number of orders and the last few days were taken up by the April Fools.

But there should definitely be one for April. Also we're back on WFTO for a while as we're now doing our triage pass for the next maintenance patch. :)
Sep 18, 2018
Nice to hear you guys make progress on the new patch. I put all my map works on the hold so ce February to wait for the update with its bug fixes. Thank you so much for showing so much live and care for this beautiful game you've been given to this community. :)
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