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Sandbox Acara the "Empire's Library" 2017-12-23

Underlord, we have found Acara the "Empire's Library" and not only that but also four shrines toward the east, the south east, to the north east, sadly though the last one remains elusive to me as it appears that there's a cavern to the very north that houses the "Mothers of Magic" they were the ones that taught man the nature of magic, it's benevolence and malevolence and it seems that they are hiding the forth shrine from me. Be careful though, for they are very powerful and only through patience may they be truly defeated.

Install Instructions (note these instructions were copied from http://brightrockgames.userecho.com...2539-upload-and-share-content-on-the-foundry/ Big thanks to Brightrock games for creating this Amazing game!)

  1. Locate the map and its .meta file on your computer and copy them to the clipboard (if downloaded from Steam they will be in "<Steam install folder>\steamapps\workshop\content\230190\<Item ID>\")

  2. If WFTO was installed via GOG Galaxy: Open "<GOG Galaxy install folder>\Games\War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps" and paste the files here

  3. Else if WFTO was installed without GOG Galaxy: Open "<GOG Games install folder>\War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps" and paste the files here

  4. Open WFTO, navigate to the game mode the map is for, and select it when choosing a map

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