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vs. Empire Big Bad Boogie. 2017-08-17

Crusade against Empire.

  1. Slichizard
    Underlords were always hated with passion by Empire citizen. Cursed and insulted by various words, they never took mortals seriously, until one day a new word was created to mock Aether beings of Chaos - Boogie.

    Apparently this word means the lowest scum in ancient language of Empire, which describes an entity as disgusting mass of trash which generates foul odour endlessly. Surely such offence can't be tolerated, especially when it comes from the coward leaders of Empire.

    Destroy all inhibitors in this domain. Remind Empire it's place in the universe of Order and Chaos.

Recent Reviews

  1. gregored13
    Version: 2017-08-17
    One of my favorite maps. I've played it at least three times.