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Community Spotlight - Spring 2020 - Q2

Developer's Choice Community Spotlight - Spring 2020 - Q2 v1

We've brought together a collection of our favourite maps from across the workshop as part of our Winter 2020 Spotlight!

9 Levels are included in this pack. 3 New Deathmatch Levels, 3 Scenarios, 2 Core Shards Levels and a King of the Underhill level.

For instructions on how to load these packs into your game see our Knowledge Base article.

Spotlight Q2 2020.jpg

Deathmatch Levels
Core Shards Levels
King of the Underhill Levels
Scenario Levels
Author Credits
Korvek, Sageboba, 100thfail, Ivysaur, Green.Sliche, Memnus
Steam Workshop Link
First release
Last update
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