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Draven's Conquest of Aurelis - Beginner Campaign 2.0.7f1

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This campaign is intended for beginners and inexperienced players. It is not intended to be difficult and allows for players to have ample time to build and train minions before combat. Nevertheless, early attacking and exploring is still rewarded. On higher levels, there becomes a slighter greater need to plan more quickly, but the player should be familiar with what is expected by this point. Even then, time is very generous. This campaign is intended to introduce players to the WFTO concepts. So long as the player follows the descriptions and attempts the objectives, the campaign should be suitable for players with almost no WFTO experience. It does this by unlocking aspects at a slow rate, in a similar style to the official WFTO main campaign. However, aspects are unlocked more slowly, and are based upon the campaign's lore. Hence, in order to acquire the heal spell, it is necessary to complete the relevant mission and steal it from a certain Empire stronghold. Not only does this make levels more meaningful but it also gives a greater sense of progress.

The emphasis here is on building up your dungeon and then destroying the enemy stronghold. The levels should play more akin to Dungeon Keeper 2 than War for the Overworld. Levels are varied with some including AI team mates, whilst others include multiple enemies or battles/sieges which you must interrupt.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me whilst I made this campaign. In particular, special thanks to Green.Sliche, who provided invaluable advice and suggestions whilst I created the levels, as well as playtested some of them. Thanks also to Crythor who playtested my campaign and considerably aided the campaign balance. Without either of them, the campaign would have likely been delayed and less well-balanced.
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I am using the GOG version of the game and I am unable to download this campaign. When I click the download button, all I am given is an image. If you could fix this, then I will update my rating.
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