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Jewels of Rakh A'Thall

vs. Empire Jewels of Rakh A'Thall 1.0

The lost city, home to Ancient Stones of Purity, from which the modern Crystal Barriers of Empire Nation and Soul Stones of Overseers and Underlords were made. It was believed to be sealed off completely when the last portal to this place was destroyed during the Great War of Elders. Recently uncovered, it still surprisingly keeps protecting itself from invaders since it's stones are intact, despite the age and chaos.

Uncover the secrets of these magnificent constructs and meet it's guardians - each with own quirks and obsessions. Fight for every piece of gold, as this metal is scarce and the only reliable source of it is already under someone's control. Claim everything you can, destroy everyone you find, it's the best way to be sure nothing will go wrong.

Gigantic Sandbox Map. Objective of the map are 12 Inhibitors. Good luck, you will need it.
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