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Lose Ground

1v1 Lose Ground v6

I've to give Credits for the Map design to Iksf, because he designed the map initially ( https://forum.brightrockgames.com/threads/calling-all-map-designers.7087/page-9#post-89823 ).

I changed a few things to my likings and added a fancy border.
Things I changed:
- added 2 tiles to make a 5x5 room possible to build on your right of the core
- redesigned the gold amount
- redesigned the lava pool
- added an Artefact of Mana (objective to rush for)
- removed 1 tile at the holy area
- added a bloodriver in the middle (to slow down the enemies when they are going through the middle)

1:1 Copie: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756874855&searchtext=
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