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Campaign Mystical Journey Version 1.3

This is a Single Player Campaign, intended to be played via Skirmish.

  1. Slichizard
    This is a Single Player Campaign, intended to be played via Skirmish. I will provide information about starting position, AI for your opponents and Team Alliances. Campaign will use mutators, restricting certain aspects of the game.

    Use your wits and progress to next levels. It's strongly advised to use the info given in map's description, changing those might provide undesirable results. Good Luck and Have Fun.

    Please read map description before playing each level. You can access it by clicking on button which says ''Show Map Description''. Each map description has Lore and important information about AI personalities, their starting positions and alliances. It is strongly advised to follow the instructions provided, selecting different settings will result into undesired and unintended experience for you.


    1. Level 1.png
    2. Level 2.png
    3. Level 3.png
    4. Level 4.png
    5. Level 5.png
    6. Level 6.png
    7. Level 7.png
    8. Level 8.png
    9. Level 9.png
    10. Level 10.png
    11. Level 11.png
    12. Level 12.png
    13. Level 13.png
    14. Level 14.png
    15. Level 15.png
    16. Level 16.png
    17. Level 17.png
    18. Level 18.png
    19. Level 19.png
    20. Level 20.png
    21. Level 21.png
    22. Level 22.png
    23. Level 23.png
    24. Level 24.png
    25. Level 25.png