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Rise of Overseers 2 : Clash of Gods. Enchanted Edition

Story Driven Campaign Rise of Overseers 2 : Clash of Gods. Enchanted Edition Version 1.1

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A new threat over the horizon, seeking for retribution and posing danger to the existence of all Underlords in Underworld has finally made it's move. A group of rogue Overseers, members of Golden Cult, led by mysterious Overseer who eluded the gaze of God of Chaos are now nearling the completion of the ultimate weapon, which put an end to your rule. Will you stop them before it's too late?

Join another war under command of God of Chaos and his Scribe and put an end to this crusade for the last time. There are greater things at stake and many new secrets, waiting to be revealed. What will your story be this time, Grand Underlord?
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  1. Bug Fix Update

    Additional scripting for potential shield removal problem.
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