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Rise of the Overseers - Dark Crusade - Enhanced Edition

Story Driven Campaign Rise of the Overseers - Dark Crusade - Enhanced Edition v1.22

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Join the Great War between Underlords and Overseers. Under guidance of Scribe of Chaos, loyal servant of God of Chaos Himself, with help of three fellow underlords who will help you achieve victory. Learn about powerful Overseers, your allies and plan of your master. What awaits you at the end? Will you make that far? God of Chaos and his right hand are observing over you.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.22

    Updated Empire AI settings. Improved designs of some levels. Introduced Difficulty Settings...
  2. Version 1.21

    Fix and Tweaks to Level 9 and Level 10.
  3. Version 1.20

    Updated and tweaked level 3.
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