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Co-op Skirmish/MP CO-OP Campaign Series. Part 1. Version 1.3

Rise of Overseers. CO-OP vs Empire campaign. For Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. Chapter 1.

  1. Slichizard
    Custom CO-OP Skirmish/MP Campaign with harder difficulty. Intended for players with high skill or those who seek challenge. Recommended playstyle is 4v1. Can be played in Skirmish with 3 AI team mates, or MP/LAN with Human players on the same team.


    1. Level 1.png
    2. Level 2.png
    3. Level 3.png
    4. Level 4.png
    5. Level 5.png
    6. Level 6.png
    7. Level 7.png
    8. Level 8.png
    9. Level 9.png
    10. Level 10.png
    11. Level 11.png
    12. Level 12.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Balance Revision.
  2. Improvements Patch and Bug Fix.
  3. Improvements Patch.