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Skirmish/MP CO-OP Campaign Series. Part 3.

Co-op Skirmish/MP CO-OP Campaign Series. Part 3. 1.0

The beginning of new story about War of Overseers and Underlords. After events of Chapter 2 where 4 Grand Underlords, with guidance from Entity of Chaos, ended the uprising of powerful Overseer group led by Shadow Overseer Saylinh and banished former Grand Overseer, now the God of Dead Solareed back to the dimension of Fallen. As the outcome, balance between Chaos and Order had been shifted in favor of Dark Entity. This time, Goddess of Order makes her move - she will bring the best 4 remaining Overseers together and direct them towards the heart of Chaos Revenant itself - the physical manifestation of Entity of Chaos, for ultimate Justice.

Campaign will be playable in both Skirmish and Multiplayer. Intended playstyle will be 4v1, where 4 players team against 1 strong enemy. Only team work and coordination ( maybe luck and wits ) will guarantee the success. Try to help each other, together you can survive and see where this story will go.
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