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True Mystical Journey Campaign. Version 2.0.

Story Driven Campaign True Mystical Journey Campaign. Version 2.0. Enhanced Edition

Progression Type
You are fresh Underlord named Tayriel who was summoned by Chaos Lord himself for his plan to train the Ultimate Underlord. Fight against other Underlords and learn new skills and tricks which will help you progress further. Prove Chaos Lord that you are the best!

25 levels of Fun and Challenge. Good Luck!

This is an updated version of Mystical Journey campaign. It doesn't require any settings to be added and can be played through Custom Campaign menu inside of WFTO game.

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Level 2.png
Level 3.png
Level 4.png
Level 5.png
Level 6.png
Level 7.png
Level 8.png
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Level 10.png
Level 11.png
Level 12.png
Level 13.png
Level 14.png
Level 15.png
Level 16.png
Level 17.png
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Level 19.png
Level 20.png
Level 21.png
Level 22.png
Level 23.png
Level 24.png
Level 25.png
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Latest updates

  1. Upgrade to Enhanced Edition.

    Updated current version to Enhanced Edition. 1. Redesigned and tweaked every level. Some...

Latest reviews

It is impossible to pass from level 16... !!! Is so unprofessional...
Is there any particular problem you do experience? Or is the level bugged? Do remember that you can select the difficulty of the level at the start of the map.
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