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  1. Acrimonious

    WFTO Wednesday #47: Livestream Wrapup

    The dryad at the end of that vod looks amazing :D
  2. Acrimonious

    WFTO Wednesday #38: The Rise of Rhaskos

    The games starting to shape up so nicely!!!!!!!!! I love the aesthetic the UI is at last practical and the voice acting is superb! I'm having more fun playing this beta than I do when I play a solid 90-95% of AAA titles.... so the final product is obviously going to be even more amazing :D
  3. Acrimonious

    WFTO Wednesday #19: The Bedrock Beta

    And with this update I officially forfeited my studies for the duration of the semester
  4. Acrimonious

    Rezzed 2013

    If i didn't live in Australia I'd be there :< But unfortunately amidst the hoardes of poisonous snakes, spiders and vampiric kangaroos I'm rendered unable to leave my bunker :{ Show off the tech demo and things, it's all free publicity! \o/ Edit: Also for some reason it still doesn't say I'm a...
  5. Acrimonious

    Game Mechanic - Fortified Walls

    Under my suggestion the walls would be invincible in that instance, as they are located next to your dungeon heart, in the depths of your area of interest. Perhaps I should of explained myself better :P I think that walls near the centre of your dungeon heart should be invincible and, as your...
  6. Acrimonious

    Game Mechanic - Fortified Walls

    Maybe the destructability of a wall could be relative to your dungeon hearts vicinity. I.e. The rooms at the heart of your dungeon will be surrounded by an indestrubctible barrier, thus it's wisest to place your core rooms here (Lair, hatchery, training rooms etc. etc.) The further away from...
  7. Acrimonious

    Serious or Silly?

    I misclicked, I wanted the opposite >.< Mostly serious but with bits of humour. My brain sort of spasmed and I reverse psychologied myself into the wrong vote ROFL Edit: They really need to give people the option to change their vote because I've done this that many times
  8. Acrimonious

    [creature] The Bullfrog

    This is an amazing idea :o It must be added!!!!!! I like the idea of having it implemented as some form of easter egg. Should be some crazy level 11 (!!!) boss or something ).) Yeah, that or a colossal frog in the center of your temple equivalent XD (maybe when you make it 20x20 or something...
  9. Acrimonious

    Richard Ridings Unlocked!

    aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah
  10. Acrimonious

    Build-A-Room Part 1: The Floor

    The walls of the archive won't match the stone walls of your dungeon. Expect ancient dusted tomes alongside confused collections of papers scattered upon worn desks to line the walls, if the concept art is anything to go by :]
  11. Acrimonious

    Build-A-Room Part 1: The Floor

    I like c the best aswell! hahaha the playable showcase is really coming together, it's starting to feel more and more like a living, breathing dungeon. What with the imps running around now and everything ^^
  12. Acrimonious

    Game Mechanic - Fortified Walls

    I think you should be able to knock down fortified walls, it should just take a while. Having reinforced walls invincible just promotes turtling, which the developers stated they are trying to stray away from, whilst keeping it a viable action. Technically if the walls are invinicble you can...
  13. Acrimonious

    Manga/Anime discussion thread.

    Oh yeah, I might have to get the novels from somewhere haha. I haven't really looked into the upcoming arks going from the name I can imagine it'll be great though :P
  14. Acrimonious

    Manga/Anime discussion thread.

    Yeah, Code Geass and Death Note are some of the best anime around imo :] I've just started to watch Sword Art Online which started off kind of, wtf am I watching and ended up growing on me a tonne XD. I've seen elfen lied, yeah gory as >.> I used to watch bleach but in recent years the shows...
  15. Acrimonious

    Kickstarter is live!

    No problem, happy to help ^^ So do we all haha
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