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  • also if you dont mind my asking what did i miss out on getting for teir 7 as i backed the game as soon as i heard about its impending release?
    it says that im under imp, i dont know what that means but not to jump the gun or anything i backed 110 lbs, i dont know how to get that symbol that represents pounds but this is the original transcript
    Feb 17, 2013 Payment To Subterranean Games Completed ... -£110.00 GBP
    im a little worried my PayPal payment hasn't been confirmed yet, im not to sure how to proceed. any help would be great. im not even sure this is the right place for my question. :S

    EDIT. i just noticed i have the backer title on my account name. guess all is well.
    So... I think I pledged for the kickstarter version of the game (20GBPs, I think?) with the kickstarter dungeon theme, but I may have accidentally deleted my paypall receipt, and I'm not sure if you even got my pledge. Help?
    Hey, am I going to get a T-shirt for upgrading to the tier 5? I saw that was one of the rewards on the kickstarter but realized after I upgraded on your website that it was no longer listed. If I don't get a T-shirt for your websites tier 5 then I don't want to be upgraded
    How do you go up a rank? Like from Blood Imp to Bloodling (or the other way around)? Or from Bloodling/Imp to Cultist?
    Hi, I found a really really important bug in the website. Currently I am on 99 messages, however, the website seems to think I should have the 100 messages award. I was like "WOAH! I get a free extra message! This is outrage!" (ok, I actually wasn't but it sounds way more dramatic this way).

    Umm...that was it.
    Sorry to be nagging, but any updates on War for the Overworld main site?
    Will that be where the tech demo is hosted? :-)
    LOL. In the same week that I ask for a Website Update, one gets posted! Thanks for the update.
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