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    War for the Overworld - Console Edition Announcement

    I fracking love you guys. You never disappoint. Class.
  2. Aotrs Commander

    Heart of Gold issues

    Right, okay. Thanks. Like I said, wasn't sure if these things were design as intended, or bugs. 1) Will remember that in future, though it seems to tell you about unhappiness due to lack of pay more than hunger. I was using it a bit, since the creatures seemed to be very iffy about doing what...
  3. Aotrs Commander

    Heart of Gold issues

    Started going through the Heart of Gold campaign from where I left off prevsiously because of the now patched save-crash issues. Some things I have noticed which appear to have cropped up since I last played (or last played this level), not sure they are bugs or what. 1) Creatures seem to get...
  4. Aotrs Commander

    How is everyone doing with the new campaign?

    Whelp, I have finished the remastered campaign. It all certainly felt a lot improved. It's come a long way since the first time I played! (Level 12 was a LOT less annoying; I actually had time to do stuff and managed okay.) Cutscenes were nice, especially at the last. I was thinking "oh, we...
  5. Aotrs Commander

    Units Stats

    Not knowing the unit starts I've always found a bit odd - in DK, you always had a good idea of what your minions stats were; where as WftO always felt lie a bit of guesswork! I appreciate having some numbers to put to the creatures. I'd like to see some for the heroes, too, eventually!
  6. Aotrs Commander

    How is everyone doing with the new campaign?

    Hey, Lixie! Did the Demon Park scenario level - must be a new one, I think, I don't recognise it, nor had a save of it, and there was a core door in it. That... Took a fair while to do. Five hours, I think. Then I thought I'd give the remastered main campaign a fresh go. FINALLY, on, what...
  7. Aotrs Commander

    How is everyone doing with the new campaign?

    Okay, I've finished the Undergames as Volta. Wasn't too keen on the king of the underhill levels (though I'm sure other folk like it), but otherwise, I very much enjoyed Volta and the steady roll of defences - especially the Storm Vortexes! I love me some electricity! Probably not hugely likely...
  8. Aotrs Commander

    How is everyone doing with the new campaign?

    Thanks. I figured that seemed like a possibility (and to be fair, last night it was coming up to knocking off time anyway); time to give it another shot! Edit: Nope. I attempt to build up my dungeon first, so I could have some forces, even summoned the eternal, aping the AI, and she just...
  9. Aotrs Commander

    How is everyone doing with the new campaign?

    Undergames came for me at exactly the right time - I finished my Witcher 3 playthrough a couple of days ago... Nearly started a new game of Stellaris yesterday, but said, "nah, too tired" (probably as well, given the bug issues...!) which meant by the time my work-day was done today, Undergames...
  10. Aotrs Commander

    Introducing Dungeon Hearts!

    That was delightful and hilarious. You guys always go that extra mile. (I'm also psyched by the annoucement itself!)
  11. Aotrs Commander

    Brimstone and Obsidian on Justice

    I've blown up (as far as I can tell) all th brimstone and obsidian around the shrines (both sides of each shrine), but I'm about 25 block short of the goal. I've been searching the map and I can't see any more for the life of me. Where is it? Or is this a bug? Edit: Found it - but only because...
  12. Aotrs Commander

    Procedural Generation

    I think that if they were/are to be made their efforts in that sort of direction would likely be better spent on attempting to add scripts to the map editor. (Even a basic toggle to allow or disallow various sins or creatures, for example, just to provide some resource control.) They've said...
  13. Aotrs Commander

    Creature stats?

    One thing I have observed as I'm getting to the point of starting to optimally work out what creatures I want to use is that, unlike DK 1, we don't appear to have any data on the creature's base stats aside for hit points. (I.e. attack strength/speed power/armour (if that's even a thing).) We...
  14. Aotrs Commander

    Published My First Map - Turncoats - Build a Hero army!

    Just played this one. This was only the second workshop map I've played. Not bad at all. One issue I noticed - I don't what caused it - but when I attacked the central taven/lair complex (with the vampire in it), it caused the game to lag severely and it never recover. It was consistent (though...
  15. Aotrs Commander

    TotalBiscuit has inoperable cancer.

    That's pretty damn terrible news. I've not seen a lot of his stuff, mostly know of him through other folk like Jim Sterling or AngryJoe. I can only wish him and his friends and family the best.
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