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  1. Artaire

    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.5 “Bits and Bobs”

    Loving the speed of these updates, can't wait for the mini map and creature UI ^^
  2. Artaire

    Things you miss from the old days (when this was DKIII)

    Yeah that was an amazing show back in the day, was one of the best shows on TV. Used to love it when the house bots would come in and just destroy the losers or drop them in the pit. Never a dull moment, damn what a good show why did you have to remind me. Now I feel sad lol. Oh well long live...
  3. Artaire

    Fantastic update!

    Another awesome update, been busy but I've just had a chance to play it and its great to see the game developing step by step this solidly. Thanks devs, I look forward to the next update ^^
  4. Artaire

    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.3 "A Whole New Underworld"

    Just had a chance to play it finally, I'm impressed, lots of bugs fixed (Stutter bug seems to have vanished) and it is actually looking and feeling like a game now, still some issues of course but its nice to see there is a clear improvement over the last build. Thanks devs for your hard work :)
  5. Artaire

    Forum Maintenance - Tuesday the 20th of August

    Looks pretty funky, nice nice.
  6. Artaire

    Another stupid Forum War

    Wow last time I checked this it had 9 pages, now its on 27! My mind has been blown.
  7. Artaire

    What are your Favourite Stealth Games?

    Hmmm hard to pick, I find most had their ups and downs. Thief was great alongside Tenchu. But MGS had everything else aswell as the stealth so that has to be it for me.
  8. Artaire

    Another stupid Forum War

    How is this thread even 9 pages long, I'm amazed and I approve of this thread.
  9. Artaire

    Another stupid Forum War

    Think of the Onions men, what about them?!
  10. Artaire

    WFTO Wednesday #30: *22.2

    Great news, looking forward to the major update , cant wait :)
  11. Artaire

    Random stuff thread

    No words can describe that.
  12. Artaire

    Hive Keeper

    There are other places? This cannot be!
  13. Artaire

    DK 1 or 2 online play

    Apparently it isn't fully supported over 2 players, which kinda sucks. Was hoping for something more than 1v1 lol
  14. Artaire

    [Trap Mechanic] - Creature Exclusive Traps

    I think its a great idea, I mean DK2 Mp was literally as you said, get as many black knights/mistresss, train em up and faceroll. GG. Fireflies and such were relatively useless, but if they had some kind of unique ability as you say, then it would definitely make for more interesting game...
  15. Artaire

    WFTO Wednesday #29: Sights & Sounds

    Oh I know, I even remembered which thread it was just from the picture lol But I guess I was Just kinda spoiling the fun though ^^
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