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  1. Badwolf699

    [Old Members] Come back to say Hi

    Hi Mastersam I used to be top poster here for a VERY long time but the forum started to decline and I had nothing to post about which was sad.
  2. Badwolf699

    Published Entrapped Level 2

    I'll do a play through and upload it.
  3. Badwolf699

    Published Entrapped Level 2

    Been awhile since I posted here and the forum still seems to be very inactive at times but oh well :P Anyway for any of you who may have played my first Entrapped level maybe interested in playing level 2. I've played a bit of it and it's a challenge for me but I know it's not impossible. Any...
  4. Badwolf699

    Published Steable Empt (3 Player)

    Looks interesting.
  5. Badwolf699

    Merry Christmas from Santa Worker

    Just noticed it had been added to my DLC for free. Thank You :D
  6. Badwolf699

    Alternate Tilesets

    I always liked the winter snowy icey feel in the original Dungeon Keeper.
  7. Badwolf699

    Published Entrapped.

    Thanks ^^ hope you enjoy it :)
  8. Badwolf699

    Kill the Generic "Lord of the Land" Objective.

    I was thinking that inhibitors are great for hero missions but I do think that a new unit for the heroes needs to created He is no one special just your average "Lord of the Land" in standard clad armour he is like the main boss of that level and when he's defeated the level is complete and you...
  9. Badwolf699

    Published Heroes R' US!

    This is my 2nd map, hope you enjoy it :D http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=580908495 Synopsis: Yep that's right your minions have left you due to your high budget cuts. (Tory Spending tactics never work) But Hope is not lost their is an unclaimed Hero Portal waiting to...
  10. Badwolf699

    Merry Christmas from Santa Worker

    A dungeon makeover would be nice yeah it would look cheesy but even Underlords have a guilty pleasure about Christmas.
  11. Badwolf699

    Compilation Reyh!'s maps

    Nice, I've just published my first map.
  12. Badwolf699

    Published Entrapped.

    Hi all this is my first map, it was easy to use like the original DKEdit map which I played around with 4 years ago and managed to script some of my own levels. This level is based on the old DK take it slow pace, no rush, just think up of your strategy and play away, but becareful many heroes...
  13. Badwolf699

    What are your Favorite Free Games?

    I have a Small List although they're more Free 2 Play.MMO's Armoured Warfare Robocraft Tanki War Thunder
  14. Badwolf699

    Don't worry I'm still around :P

    Don't worry I'm still around :P
  15. Badwolf699

    Are you planning to buy official Steam machine in November?

    My HP Pavilion G6 handles most modern games quite well so no, but if the price goes down to reasonable amount I may consider it.
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