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    Campaign level 7 How to beat it

    You can also set up a big trap room in the middle and kill all the hero digger units with the lightning spell. This will force all heroes to go through the middle path. Had no problem with the map this way. I also hated mission 8, boring as hell. And yes the game is so buggy that it doesnt feel...
  2. Baelrog

    WFTO Wednesday #60: The Beastmaster

    I feel the exact same way, well maybe on par with the Chunder. I hope the ingame implementation is a lot better. It reminded me of the tree piglets and just don't like the whole pig theme going on.
  3. Baelrog

    Portal leads to where? Rational behind unit design?

    A childhood friend of mine and I have played the DK games for many years, we loved the dark atmosphere, the o-so-awesome sounds/music and the evil creatures that came crawling through your portal. Of course both of us became really excited when we came to discover of WFTO and follow the game's...
  4. Baelrog

    Regarding the Eternal

    I dont really like the appearance of the eternal either. When cultist would sacrifice them selfs you would expect them to summon a sort of evil being. This thing resembles a golem.. or flying rock thingy.. I really don't get this, way to neutral. I like the Xorn like idea [email protected] came with...
  5. Baelrog

    WFTO Wednesday #54: The Sanctuary

    Awesome room design. This is what I expected from a game that is made based on DK.
  6. Baelrog

    [Room] Demonology Lab

    I want to support this, its an awesome idea in my opinion. Its fitting for a dungeon as well.
  7. Baelrog

    The Skarg Discussion

    I like this type of design (mostly the top) for such an aggressive dungeon unit:
  8. Baelrog

    The gems over hardened walls.

    Well said, I feel exactly the same!
  9. Baelrog

    Thoughts on the Beast Pen and the latest version

    That doesn't make much sense to me, unless you mean roots, but why would plants otherwise grow underground? There is almost no light.
  10. Baelrog

    Your favorite and least favorite creatures thus far.

    It's all good, I can understand your response. However, such requests do reflect that a lot of players think those creatures really fitted the theme of the game well. Another aspect is probably that these players would like to experience a strong feeling of DK-nostalgia when playing this game...
  11. Baelrog

    The Skarg Discussion

    I see what Evi means. I think it looks a little stale at the moment. It has a sort of alien look to it, but it could use a little more detail and creepiness to bring forth the evil bug theme a bit more.
  12. Baelrog

    Your favorite and least favorite creatures thus far.

    Just to be clear, that is certainly not what I meant. They should develop new stuff. I just would like them to create a similar atmosphere using new content.
  13. Baelrog

    Your favorite and least favorite creatures thus far.

    If there will be one, I hope it will aesthetically resemble the DK1 vampire, those had an awesome design. IMO one of the best I have seen in any game. Although you guys are doing a great job on the game (especially the strategic aspects you are implementing), I'm getting the impression that you...
  14. Baelrog

    Your favorite and least favorite creatures thus far.

    It might be interesting to see what creatures people really like and dislike in the game. So, pick a creature that you think is totally awesome, and another that you think doesn't fit and should be redesigned. Please give a short reasoning for each choice. +1: I really like the Oculus: It looks...
  15. Baelrog

    The gems over hardened walls.

    I totally agree, it is bothering me as well. They are to bright, or maybe it would be better if they are a different color.. I would like to see them toned down.
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