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  1. Dark Knight

    Obligatory Desktop Screenshot Thread (Image Heavy!)

    Bumping it back to life:
  2. Dark Knight

    Show your hobbies

    The chest and leg armor is made out of latex, while the cowl is urethane. I opted for a modular design, not binding the armor to a wetsuit but rather layering each piece over itself while wearing a black compression suit underneath.
  3. Dark Knight

    Games only you played.

    Pocket Tanks! I spent so much time with that game... My friends soon learned to say No when I asked if they wanted to play as I was insane at getting the angle and power just right, then zapping them with the Sniper Shot. Instant 100 points. ;)
  4. Dark Knight

    Show your hobbies

    I'm a man of many hobbies, but probably chief among them is my custom made Batsuit that I wear to Children's Hospital and Conventions.
  5. Dark Knight

    [Empire Unit] (supreme) Titan

    I would love to see something remininiscent of the Titan from Heroes of Might and Magic III. A giant who literally throws lightning.
  6. Dark Knight

    If your current avatar were an underlord, what he/she/it would say?

    Wow. You've really let yourself go.
  7. Dark Knight

    Obligatory Desktop Screenshot Thread (Image Heavy!)

    Sorry for the necro-post, but every forum has to have it's Desktop Screenshot thread! ;)
  8. Dark Knight

    [Feedback] The Oculus - Like or Dislike the model?

    Yes! Another Heroes of Might and Magic fan! Love those games. Specifically III. Back on topic, I agree with many that the Oculus looks a bit... ordinary. Lacking that specific DK/WFTO flair. Perhaps its the purple, or the dual eyes, but it does need a little something more IMO.
  9. Dark Knight

    Your disposition as an Underlord.

    I wouldn't necessarily call me a good-natured keeper, I'm just fair. And I want my minions to be loyal. Disloyal minions create chaos and screw with my plans. So while I don't go overly out of my way to please them, I like to keep them relatively happy. That said, if they start causing trouble...
  10. Dark Knight

    About Horny

    I've heard a lot of people talking about how they missed creatures fighting amongst each other in DK1 and were unhappy that was gone in 2. I'd like to point out that you're the freaking Underlord. I would not tolerate fighting in my dungeon. So if there is to be a fighting mechanic in game, I...
  11. Dark Knight

    What do you NOT want to see in WftO?

    Definitely no avatar (aside from your dungeon heart and hand) for the Underlord. That can ruin a strategy game. I actually prefer the humor in DK2 to 1. I don't want them pushing the dark humor too far so people who aren't of that persuasion can't enjoy it. The humor of DK2 was approachable...
  12. Dark Knight

    About Horny

    While I find the concept you're arguing for rather neat, the harnessing of an almost elemental force which can have both vastly positive and terribly negative effects upon you; I personally loved the evolution of Horny. He became a character, a person, and story wise it allowed for a much richer...
  13. Dark Knight

    Suggestions for Richard Ridings Ambient Comments

    "Keep close hold of your wallet, Underlord, Steam is having another sale."
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