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    Forwards to 2018!

    I hope they add a feature to link singleplayer maps together? maybe costum campaign like stuff XD would be epic
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    (no facebook game) Dungeon keeper 1 for free! Check topic!

    One of those rare times when EA gets it right! Check the legit link for free dungeon keeper 1 https://www.origin.com/nld/en-us/store/free-games/on-the-house (also for eu and other places around the world, just login 2 origin) Greets Crono
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    Patch 1.5 (survival mode?)

    First of all, great patch 1.4! Epicley good! Also the DLC Heart of Gold is allot of fun and gives many hours of playtime! Well worth the money (for those that need to buy it). But even tho patch 1.4 has just been released, i got to ask when you guys think patch 1.5 might be released in the...
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    Heart of Gold & Patch 1.4 Now Available

    Don't mind the "Time played" in the screenshot. Played the DLC for 3 hours last night on my friends pc. Epic DLC, fun maps! Big patch (1.4) and cool new stuff!!! Keep it up you guys! You rock!!! (nice price 2 for dlc, even tho i did not pay a cent cause of early buyer on steam!) Score: 11 out of 10
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    Patch 1.4 Preview: Titanic Revelations

    still waiting for dlc and patch 1.4.
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    Photos of you

    @nova Thnx man :D, and yes your correct on all your points, problem with addiction is that the addiction wins most of the time over common sence thinking. Glad i finaly have the strenght to quit. Been patching myselff up with nicotine patches and that works great. Gonnah keep that spirit up so...
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    Photos of you

    I know vaping is a real great sollution to healthy smoking, but i had some real addiction problems, smoked weed almost everyday for 7 years. After that long it affects your lifestyle, social life, and mental health. So i had to quit. Im glad i finaly have the strenght to say no to smoking weed...
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    Photos of you

    I have quit the stoners life since this week and smoking all together. Getting to old for that crap, and offcourse cause of health problems that comes with that kind of life style. So im full of nicotine patches and popping lolly's all the time but its working :D (johan cruyff style of quiting...
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    TotalBiscuit has inoperable cancer.

    I never got it that people watch other people play games on youtube. (pure playing games i mean't, not tutorials, speedruns or walktroughts or that kind of stuff) Never been my thing. But i grew up with 286 Dos pc. Gues im a old fart (grandpa) when it comes to these trends. (30 already) anyway...
  11. [DD]CR0NO

    Announcing Heart of Gold, WFTO's first expansion!

    Watched the teaser about 20 times now! :D Any change you guys might do another dev video or twitch streaming in the future for other updates or DLC? :)
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    When is the next patch coming out?

    You can always freeze yourself to skip the wait! :D
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    Photos of you

    Funny last sentence, had to laugh out loud for real.
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