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  1. DjPavlusha

    Patch v1.4.2016 "Fools Gold" Preview Release Notes

    I totally agree. Especially with the Cynical Imp part, it really should be a skin. I mean, the model already exists, why not put it to use? =] And about this year's post, there actually are some nice ideas I wouldn't mind seeing in the game, like gold shrine tax over time, Beastmaster refusing...
  2. DjPavlusha

    Notice Post crash reports here

    After the 1.2.5 update, when I try to make an F12-screenshot, often this happens instead: It crashes the game, though it generates no crash dump, so, I guess it's not a problem of WFTO itself, but Steam overlay?.. Windows 10 32bit, v1.2.5f5
  3. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    A couple of new ones! Thanks again to Böhser Onkel for letting me take screenshots of his Golden Workers. =D
  4. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    Eventually I tried to make both versions. Here! =] And no, I did not specifically wait for the moment the Chunder turned his back on me. It just... happened. =D
  5. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    Just to clarify - the core-sphere (Kenos) itself will stay red, only the runes will be green if I pick green color. You want that, green runes with red core? Or you actually want me to recolor the core green as well?
  6. DjPavlusha

    DLC: DK1 Campaign.

    Nobody can sue fans though, for recreating maps from DK in Map Editor... It would even be cool in multiplayer, having one player as the Keeper, and the other the Heroes. Nostalgia factor + WftO features = Yes please.
  7. DjPavlusha

    Jack o'Worker skin now available!

    Got it instantly. Happy Halloween to you too! >:-D
  8. DjPavlusha

    WFTO: Translations

    I'd love to take part in this! Nickname: DjPavlusha Language experience: A degree in translation and interpretation Translation: English - Russian
  9. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    If I was good at drawing, I'd draw. But I'm good at editing, so I edit the screenshots. Simple as that. And you are apparently good at being a killjoy. Thanks. Really appreciate your effort to come here and write this mini-rant for no reason other than to ruin my good mood. On topic though...
  10. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    2Amon: Sure! =] By the way, thanks to awesome Böhser Onkel who so gladly let me make some screenshots of his brand new Founder theme, the 1st post has been updated with Kasita wallpaper!
  11. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    That's awesome, BlackBeard! Makes me happy. =] About favorite ones - if I were to name mine, I'd pick blue Mira one. I'm just so happy with how it turned out.
  12. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    Hey guys, the 1st post has been updated with 9 new wallpapers (now featuring some of the shrines and Empire objects), as well as 3 new versions of Mira (green, blue and white) and retouched Korvek and Arcane ones. Have fun!)
  13. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    Thank you guys! I'm really glad you enjoyed them! =D 2Lord of Riva: here you go!)
  14. DjPavlusha

    WftO fan-made wallpapers

    Hey guys! Just dropping in to showcase my little collection of wallpapers for the game we're all here for. Size of all of those is 1920x1080, but if you want another size (or color), just ask. =] Cores (or themes): Mira (blue): Mira (cyan): Mira (green): Mira (red): Mira (white)...
  15. DjPavlusha

    Black color in Skirmish/MP?

    So, we have a selection of 8 colors for MP/Skirmish, that's very nice, I'm glad we have those, but one question I have - why there's no black or dark grey variation? It would fit in nicely with all the "evil" tone, and would be good-looking on 1v1 againgst white player. And some themes would...
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