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    No fallen angel?!

    In DK1, I loved the Tentacles. Most people didn't even know how to summon them, and most of the campaign maps didn't have them available. They weren't that great in battle, I just liked how rather unique and rare they were. Vampires were also extremely OP. I haven't played DK2 near as much...
  2. endersblade

    Cheat codes/Map editor

    Because achievements are SO important, amirite?
  3. endersblade

    Cheats? Level 8 soo fxcking boring...

    Ok, what in god's name is the purpose of preventing us from using the Debug console? I was having a lot of fun with that, but now you guys changed the password? For freaking REAL? I've played around extensively with it, and there is absolutely nothing, to my knowledge, in the Debug console...
  4. endersblade

    Campaign levels to limited

    Coming from DK1/2, where the 'optimum' build size for a room was a 5x5, I'm finding it insanely hard to build ANYTHING in this game. Once I got that awesome respawn dirt ability, on most maps I will spend the vast majority of my time completely deleting and replacing everything I can for an...
  5. endersblade

    ModS ??

    Just tried changing a few other settings, nothing seems to work. At least not in the campaign. And with the changing of the password to the Debug menu, it's driving me nuts >.>
  6. endersblade

    ModS ??

    I started with something I figured would be easy and immediately noticeable. I changed the Max Mana to 9999 (though I didn't quite understand how mana worked when I did this), mana regen amount to 100 and the delay for mana regen to 1. In game, my mana cap didn't change, the regen was still the...
  7. endersblade

    ModS ??

    Heh, thanks for that, but not quite what I was asking :-) I meant, does it affect the Campaign, Skirmish, etc? I tried changing something, didn't notice any effect in the Campaign, so wasn't sure.
  8. endersblade

    ModS ??

    I noticed there is a "settings.ini" file in one of the folders, with a bunch of things to change. What do these actually affect, if anything?
  9. endersblade

    Imps and mana

    I really, really dislike the current setup where having more imps chews into your mana. This forces you to run on a minimal crew, and on larger maps, this is an absolute pain. I have a couple of suggestions: Do it like DK did, where each imp you create costs an additional amount of mana...
  10. endersblade

    Camera Defaulting on move

    UGH, this is driving me crazy! I always recenter my camera to face directly north (the isometric thing annoys me to no end). But any time I focus on something, or click on the minimap, it returns to the default iso view, and I have to recenter it again. Can you please make it so it remembers...
  11. endersblade

    A suggestion from A LOT of players!!! -(WITH POLL)-

    I agree. Both of those are very noticeable changes that need to be made.
  12. endersblade

    Notice Post Performance issues here

    Thanks for this, sort of answered a problem I was having. I'm playing Map 4 (The one with Marcus). I failed my first breach of his dungeon, so I'm currently waiting for my army to rebuild. (Takes forever!) I got tired of my 5ish imps continually running up to Marcus' place and getting...
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