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    Top 5....Games !

    I'm a fan, but I wouldn't put it in my top five, either. Hm... This is a hard thing for my to decide, because... Well, I love a lot of games. I've grown attached to so many and have forgotten some that I really love, too. I have a terrible memory, and every time I make a list like this...
  2. Inlaa

    What's your favourite Sci-Fi Alien

    Scottish space pterodactyls. Best. Aliens. EVER!
  3. Inlaa

    [Creature] Headless Horseman

    Now, I wouldn't be so sure! If I was of a certain persuasion (or two), I could think of a few OTHER places to smack dat horseman. Now that you've been scarred for life, I'll be serious: I really don't see this fitting in the dungeon thematically (and by the way, you could call it a Dullahan...
  4. Inlaa

    I Backed Via Kickstarter - How Do I Access The Backers Forum?

    'Hate to bring this up again, but what's the status on this? I got the e-mail survey, and I answered it. I still don't see a backer's forum. Is there somewhere / someone I should be messaging to confirm that this forum account and my e-mail address that I paid with are, y'know, the same? My...
  5. Inlaa

    [Special] Bond Creature

    I can agree with what you're saying, and your logic makes sense. I figured that was what you'd say in response. However, as you say, it needs to be able to apply to all creatures equally, or else the person with a skill-focused bonded creature is still at a disadvantage. As said, I do agree...
  6. Inlaa

    Whats your favorite medieval weapon?

    As I recall, the Cho-Ko-Nu crossbow did, indeed, fire very quickly, but I believe its accuracy was impaired. Still, it's a fun choice, because accuracy isn't as big of a deal when you have, say, fifty people each with one of those crossbows raining bolts on the enemy from high ground.
  7. Inlaa

    [Special] Bond Creature

    One big thing I'd like to note about the weaknesses you mentioned, Dragwag: Some of the creatures in WftO are going to be less combat-oriented and more utility-oriented, such as having the ability to work really well in workshops or libraries. That is, they'll be naturally weaker than...
  8. Inlaa

    Picture of you

    You... you really want to see my face? It's horrible. It's frightening. Don't say I didn't warn you. You really don't want to look. I'm not joking. Really! Something horrible lurks below this line. Some terrible. Something... something... Something...
  9. Inlaa

    WFTO Wednesday #6

    Ah, okay. Good to know, thanks!
  10. Inlaa

    WFTO Wednesday #6

    I will decry this outrage of piglet meat! T'would be more EVIL to eat LAMBS! You will rue the day, devs. YOU WILL RUE THE DAY! On a serious note, nice update. EDIT: Also, what does THIS mean, exactly? "Did you pledge extra for add-ons? We will be in touch at a later date to confirm which...
  11. Inlaa

    [Mechanical] Wagon

    If starvation damage is included, this would be a fair enough counter. I like it.
  12. Inlaa

    Creature Parliament

    Ehhhhhh... I really don't see this working with the setting. Sorry.
  13. Inlaa

    You know how your location reads "Behind you?" Yeah... Yeah, I just looked behind me.

    You know how your location reads "Behind you?" Yeah... Yeah, I just looked behind me.
  14. Inlaa

    [ROOM IDEA] Specialised Lairs, Hangouts & Training

    This. I feel that, the larger your lair gets, the more stuff may shift around to naturally fit the creatures' preferences. Builders go here, undead go there, ferals go in the corner away from everyone else because nobody wants to sleep next to the mutts except for gnarlings because the...
  15. Inlaa

    Whats Your Favorite Fantasy Race?

    Hobbits. 'Nough said.
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