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  1. James Hale

    Thanks for accepting me to enter this forum

    Welcome aboard. :)
  2. James Hale

    Dungeoneer's Guide - Now Available

    About time. ;)
  3. James Hale

    Fallout 4

    Saw the trailer, but I have no interest at all. I didn't even complete Fallout 3 (I know, I'm terrible). Hurry up and announce ES VI, please! :)
  4. James Hale

    :D Critical Success!

    If you have DK from GOG then you already have Deeper Dungeons. They added it a while ago, so just re-download the game. DK2 is also available from GOG.
  5. James Hale

    :D Critical Success!

    I played the first two DK games and backed WFTO quite early on, but I stopped reading here. You've set up a review by suggesting that only 'true fans' of the game will give it a fair (i.e. positive) review, and those who complain - perhaps validly - about fundamental issues with the game cannot...
  6. James Hale

    WFTO current state...

    I don't think that anyone is really doubting the devs' sincerity or drive, simply that the game was released without whole chunks of core content, a pitiful number of maps, a number of major bugs and a memory leak. Some of these things have been addressed, and others continue to be, but that...
  7. James Hale

    WFTO current state...

    What's the ETA on the dev statement regarding the state of the game? I recall reading something about it being released today.
  8. James Hale

    No fallen angel?!

    What is it you hate about the game, and what do you like?
  9. James Hale

    Changing theme of your dungeon?

    Some of you have short memories. There was frequent talk of the Dungeoneer tool for several months. Until a few weeks ago I wasn't aware that idea had been scrapped, but I've only been skimming the wednesday blog posts and don't really use the forums much. Mod support was definitely a focal...
  10. James Hale

    What Early Access Games do you own?

    Well, I can now add WFTO to the list. Curiously it does not say Early Access, but I don't know what else you'd call it.
  11. James Hale

    Did not deliver what was promised

    I saw TB's video about the game last night. I played sandbox for about an hour, just kind of messing around with building rooms and see what the creatures were, but there was no way to find out anything about them, what they did or how you attract them. I'm glad to see hotfixes being pushed out...
  12. James Hale


    AFAIK there isn't a unified source of information yet. There isn't a manual or a wiki, and the digital guide doesn't exist yet.
  13. James Hale

    What Early Access Games do you own?

    Empire: Total War, though unfortunately it pre-dates the Early Access model and so is not labelled as such.
  14. James Hale

    Unity 5 development engine now free

    Long time no post, fellow WFTO'ers! :) Some relevant news: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/news/a632919/unity-5-available-now-all-features-available-free-to-small-developers.html 'Unity 5 is available to download for all users from today (March 3). The engine will be available in two...
  15. James Hale

    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.5.1 "Dungeons for Two" & v0.5.2 "The Return of the Maps"

    Yeah, sounds about right. I read the announcements every Wednesday but was waiting for a substantive update until I started playing again. Not been active on the forums for a while, but hopefully I'll put an end to that once the game is released. :)
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