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    question 2

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    question 2

    From what I understand from the developers if a person buy the game before launching the same shall be entitled to some extra contents for free. This is correct ?? Or just who helped kickstart will have this free content ?? If I buy the game for steam and move on to a friend as a gift, my...
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    I wonder if you would have something to recommend in dungedon keeper style, something like books, games, movies, comics, mangas, animations, etc.. I am asking this because I found something like a book that has a similar thematic with dungeon keeper, from what I read I liked it, I will post a...
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    Calling all Map Designers!

    From what I saw most of the maps tend to gives the players the same things thats good but I think it would be interesting to share what each location offers to the player, by example player 1 has one portal and lots of money, player 2 has a portal, less money but perhaps a mana shire. This can...
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    I just found out about the game and was thinking of buying it so I went to check the minimum requirements of the game and had a doubt, recently my monitor spoiled ever since I'm using a very old monitor (lg 700e) which supports a maximum of 60 Hz this would be enough for the game to work because...
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    What is the overlord?

    first do not know if this question in the right place and if it is not, sorry So I wonder if already been told what would be the overlords, would it be an entity that wants to dominate everything, or entity that has been corrupted? Basically wanted to know if you will create a world for the...
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    [Gamemode] Grand Keeper

    well my idea would be to a mod in the castle figth style a map of warcraft 3, if someone want to do the mod when the game is ready I would be very happy:)
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