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  1. Khaladun

    WFTO Development Diary #8 - The Tech Demo

    Micropiglets stalk your dungeon Keeper, BEWARE! On that note, the imps are a little small, but i also think the wallls/tiles are a little big, and the differential is whats making them look so tiny. Any low walking creature (eg goblins or salamanders from DK2) would also be invisible in that...
  2. Khaladun

    League of legends

    Oh shit oh dear. this is obscene. I can't run that fast with noctourne... on a side note i don't play in the beta forums in LoL. the extent of my knowledge is in the normal game. and may i ask why AD? I see her building more like AP Fizz, but prob with a bit of spell vamp. I was gona try her Rod...
  3. Khaladun

    League of legends

    old eve yes, but old eve can't hold her own against an inhibitor let alone champions. I'm talkin about new eve. but i mean if Hate Spike can still be spammed... start blue with armor 5 pots and watch her fly. And new twitch jungle will be quite viable. remember expunge doesn't consume DoT stacks...
  4. Khaladun

    League of legends

    I think both of them are gona be feared. Eves stealth passive is really gona shake the tables. Oh yah BTW i just flashed out with a minor juke and i'm invisible again. plus the hate spike which is gona be godly with solid positioning, and her free cleanse with a MS buff, now just to add to that...
  5. Khaladun

    League of legends

    cause i'm bad with timing on the initiation with mele, and get greedy with ranged AD. I can play a pretty mean Nassus, or Tristana but thats about as far as it goes.
  6. Khaladun

    League of legends

    Me, myself, and I play, so 3 of us. I play on the NA server. fav champs are Taric (yes i rock the pink) Nassus Swain Orianna Sona or any of the yordles. Fav role is support followed by AP, but you'll usually find me failing in the jungle cause i never seem to queue with anyone that knows, or...
  7. Khaladun

    Introduction thread

    24, Male, BC Canada. Dabbled in game design in both school and on my free time. Work as a security guard.
  8. Khaladun

    WFTO Development Diary #1 - A New Leaf

    Generally speaking you want to follow the "unholy trinity" of strategy being boom, rush, turtle, where "rush beats boom beats turtle beats rush" is what i'm getting out of this post. For a rush you need to make the early creatures strong enough and summoned fast enough to take down a keep...
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