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  1. Kinson

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    Thank you for all the work the team has put into getting these fixes out. It is awesome to know issues will be taken care of instead of waiting in silence 3 months. Awesome job!
  2. Kinson

    Notice Post crash reports here

    Windows 7 64 bit Build: I just finished the second campaign level, in the score screen clicking on "Main Menu" caused the game to lock up. I had to force close it. Logs attached.
  3. Kinson

    How do I opt in for the very latest updates?

    It is good to be bad. Isn't it? <3
  4. Kinson

    Pact - extremely good read

    Sounds like a sweet place to spend some time. I will check it out.
  5. Kinson

    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.3.2 “Enhance!” (+Hotfix on 13/2)

    It also looks pretty awesome when you have not been away, but silently skulking around for a while...
  6. Kinson

    Multiplayer Testing

    Getting it updated, but I am working... =( also join the steam group... http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WFTOM
  7. Kinson

    How do I opt in for the very latest updates?

    I thought you were at your worst during a live stream... As for pre-builds, lets call it when you are being the most creative!
  8. Kinson

    Kickstarter Titles & Forum Access

    I got an error when I tried it. I switched my email address on kickstarter since I backed WFTO and on the forums also I think. Here is my kickstarter profile http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/abinning
  9. Kinson

    [Other] Various ideas based on recent DK2 playthrough

    I agree a large impact would not be a good idea, effectively turning it all into a giant math headache, but a small influence on all the rooms would be a fun meta game.
  10. Kinson

    Theorycrafter data

    Thanks for the info Simburger. That would be perfect.
  11. Kinson

    [Other] Various ideas based on recent DK2 playthrough

    I love the idea of dungeon efficiency. All rooms should have an influence on each other based on size and proximity. This could lead to some interesting designes, like dropping a few treasury spaces into the lair, or surrounding a small Slaughter pen with a large beast pen
  12. Kinson

    Mod Templates

    This may be more of a suggestion for community modders, but it could be done by the team also. There area lot of great types of mods created for many games, my benchmark tends to be Warcraft 3 custom maps. I still play an 11 year old game with my kids because of the custom mods and content. I...
  13. Kinson

    Theorycrafter data

    Some people like number they can crunch and simulate. It would be great to have a place where the numbers and mechanics could be discovered without datamining or trial & error. If you don't put up a pretty page with all the stats of units/spells etc, at least make the information freely...
  14. Kinson

    I Backed Via Kickstarter - How Do I Access The Backers Forum?

    I am not in a hurry, but I would like to know; are we still waiting for the backer status to get sorted out or should I PM someone?
  15. Kinson

    Rezzed 2013

    Sounds like fun. Driving a couple hundred miles would be easy, but I am on the west coast of the USA. That is a little too far for me. =P
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