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  1. Kronos

    Looking forward to next livestream

    Looking forward to next livestream
  2. Kronos

    WFTO Wednesday #74: Pretty Things

    Nice new look on the Augre and the gold vortex is looking great too!
  3. Kronos

    WFTO Wednesday #32: The Necromancer's New Clothes

    I like the new look, wasn't too upset by the old one, but definitely will look cool with this necromancer leading my forces.
  4. Kronos

    Good Old Games - What ones do you have?

    I know some of the free games are just for signing up for an account with GoG, they've given out some others at times for special occasions, not sure if any of these are those. I personally really enjoy Tyrian and Treasure Adventure Game is actually a really good action 2D platformer
  5. Kronos

    Kickstarter - Stonehearth

    This indeed looks interesting, I liked the idea of Towns, but agree the implementation suffered. In Towns I found building scaffolding in just the right arrangement while controlling build level of the map extremely frustrating, and building a roof how hard can it be? apparently pretty hard...
  6. Kronos

    Good Old Games - What ones do you have?

    I've got too many games from GoG for a simple list, but DK1 and DK2 are there, have original CDs still for both of those, but they're boxed up somewhere and don't know where so got the GoG versions as a backup. Also picked up some other strategy games and just some other classics I missed like...
  7. Kronos

    Reus - new god game

    Thanks Slichizard, sounds like in controls/UI it plays like a settlers type game but where you just create the conditions or environment for something and the villagers will do their own construction, harvesting/gathering and what not. You also said it moved pretty slowly, is that because you...
  8. Kronos

    Reus - new god game

    Hadn't heard anything about this one prior to release, but does look somewhat interesting, though at least based on the videos I saw it seemed like it was very simple in control scheme. How do the controls work ? and do you just spend a lot of time sitting back watching what the people are doing?
  9. Kronos

    DK online

    Ugh, glad I never got interested in DKO. First thought though that the thread was referring to the fan mod KeeperFX - http://keeper.lubie.org/html/dk_keeperfx.php or http://www.multi-players-zone.com/dungeonkeeperonline.htm Which doesn't seem bad, though I've never tried it. The chinese...
  10. Kronos

    Impatiently waiting for work and for the evenings scheduled activities to finish for the week so...

    Impatiently waiting for work and for the evenings scheduled activities to finish for the week so he can finally start playing bedrock beta
  11. Kronos

    WFTO Wednesday #7

    It's time for WTFO of course! and yes, like the audio and the bio. Was expecting more of a swishing noise from walking through water though due to her skirt ;)
  12. Kronos

    WFTO Wednesday #6

    Excellent update, who wouldn't like bacon roasting! But are you sure this won't be a draw to have more heroes entering our dungeons? These slaughterpens sound like just the kind of bait a hungry hero might find very tempting, treasure or no!
  13. Kronos

    WFTO Wednesday #5

    Thanks for the unit information!
  14. Kronos


    I too experienced this a couple years ago, my department was eliminated and I had to go out to another team and train my replacements. Thankfully only had to be unemployed for a couple months and then was able to find another job, much lower pay but it was better than nothing
  15. Kronos

    What's your favourite Sci-Fi Alien

    My favorite alien would probably have to be the Q Continuum, but Daleks and Cybermen are both very fun (and IMO the most recent version looks a whole lot like Ironman). My favorite for Doctor Who though would have to be the Weeping Angels, I can't watch one of those episodes without being...
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