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  1. Lordinquisitor

    Pre-Wednesday Update Discussion Thread

    where is mine?
  2. Lordinquisitor

    A Game of Dwarves

    playing it but the stupid camera bug where the camera gets stuck a mile out or in a dwarf beard is really annoying. Looking like I will have to reset the last 4 hrs of mission to play again. Be something if this was fixed properly or was a reset button or a setting it was saved to edid. But it...
  3. Lordinquisitor

    Introduction thread

    Lord Inquisitor I am fat irish guy who makes beer, oh and does 3D. With the RISE team and Fook from the nexus. since am terrible with intros this counts as a long one.
  4. Lordinquisitor

    Suggested room: Dining Hall.

    I thought he ment Hells Kitchen with Gordan Ramsey, you know the TV program with the overload get angry at the useless incomptent imps in the kitchen.
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