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  1. mastersam911

    [Old Members] Come back to say Hi

    I was on around a quarter/halfway through the beta of WFTO, been playing on and off and when I get a chance will have another play of it. Any old members like myself around?
  2. mastersam911

    Patch 1.1.7 Release Notes

    hehe, 'Underlord I'm afraid your imps are going mad they are seeing double of themselves. Oh wait the little ones got a special ability' just a sidethought: I would love to have Richard Ridings voice on a Satnav.
  3. mastersam911

    Patch 1.1.7 Release Notes

    @ lvl 10 it should be a max of 2 spirit workers
  4. mastersam911

    Patch 1.1.7 Release Notes

    Quick drop the devs on the torture chamber to make them work eternally on this game ;) Now to continue the campaign!
  5. mastersam911

    Completed 1.1.5 => cant drop enemy units into crypt/torture chamber

    Yes the Pre-built prison doesn't seem to work in the campaign 6 mission. I seem to be able to drop my own minions on it (this was on restarting the mission after the latest update). I tried before the update to sell part of the chamber then rebuild it & drop creatures on them but i right click...
  6. mastersam911

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    Noo that is only for high enough Kickstarter Tier people UNLESS: You design a theme that gets voted by the entire community to be in the game....Let the challenge begin
  7. mastersam911

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    Perhaps put an ornament on the pickaxe
  8. mastersam911

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    Nutter talking about more tentacles needed makes me think he has a certain thing for tentacles ;p
  9. mastersam911

    Your First thoughts when playing the Launch&patches Ver of the Game?

    lol Mozared remind me why you stopped developing the game with them?
  10. mastersam911

    Your First thoughts when playing the Launch&patches Ver of the Game?

    I would like this too be a thread for players with thoughts about the game So I havn't played WFTO for quite a while, I didn't want to lose my anticipation and decided to wait a few days/a week for patches before playing SO anyway I decided to do the first mission in the campaign today and I...
  11. mastersam911

    Regarding The Sanctuary...

    Great Idea and we should change all the good guys faces to hitler Anyway just did a quick search and found something that resembled that of the Anime Naruto, Seals/summoning jutsu http://magic-spells-and-potions.com/images/sun-spiral.jpg Like this post if you like the img Or even better just...
  12. mastersam911

    War for the Overworld Out Now!

    Downloading 1.1GB update on steam for the game
  13. mastersam911

    Join my clan

    Hey all So I was thinking that when the multiplayer gets fully made we could have clan matches So if people are interested then use this link http://spqrlegion.forumotion.co.uk/ (also do other games).
  14. mastersam911

    Your RPG Character!

    I actually decided to do it again and be more realistic in my approach And I got the Arch Druid http://helloquizzy.okcupid.com/quizzy/results?quizzyid=2759555769366114094&resultid=242586756
  15. mastersam911

    WFTO Wednesday #102: Brace Yourselves

    Ah, well I thought multiplayer allowed for a better understanding of balance as it's what tactic is best for the human player
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