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Recent content by Melvin Li

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    Bedrock Beta not starting

    I have redeemed the key and activated it in my steam. However, whenever I press play, it always say (no execution file). Does anyone has the same problem? I am using Mac OS btw.
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    Timed Levels on DK2?

    I remember they have Timed lv in dungeon keeper 1 as well. But most of them are side missions. For me, I just can't stand having Timed lv in the main quest. Cos It gives me the same feeling as examinations or tests, as if life is not hard enough for us, we have to face the same stress in games...
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    Difficulty level in wfto

    I think it will be great if the difficulty of the game is based on the AI of the component. But obviously that will create a lot of work as the dev team will have to come up with different versions of AI So I am also fine if they just set difficulty level based on the % of damage AI and players...
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    Watch Replays of Online Multiplayer Matches.

    I agree that Replays are very useful but I think the complicated AI will make this function quite difficult to implement. I have seen many replay system failures in games such as Rome total war and Warcraft 3 (Dota AI Maps). The reason is mainly because they only save the mouse and keyboard...
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    Reconnect Feature.

    I think a pause function will be needed. I never liked the ai take over function because they always mess up with your structures and gold mining patterns.
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    Favourite Youtube Poop Videos?

    I quite like ManS1ay3r. He made lots of game poop vids and they are so much fun (including skyrim, walking dead, mass effect and so on...)
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    [creature] The Bullfrog

    Bullforg is actually in DK1 game!!!! They turn the human wizards into Bullforgs when you tortured them LOL
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    (poll) a poll for the remaining Flex goals.

    I am voting for 2 Lords 1 Dungeon, Co-op Campaign and Hero Mode. The reason is that I think these flex goals cannot be done by the tool kit. They needed to be implemented in the game design from the start of the project.
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    [Creature] blood wolf

    I think it is a nice replacement to Hellhound as there will not be IP problem. However I think the skills are a bit over-powered. The howl and blood pool almost have the same effect of disease and haste spells that only the DK1 keeper can use on other minions.
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    Details that you want to be inthe Game

    I am a big fan of DK1 myself and I think the main reason is that DK1 is so rich of details. From graphical details like the well designed environment (ie , the naked women statue on the wall, the winter effects: remember the footprints of your imps?) levels and puzzles (ie, remember the deeper...
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    A feature Request

    It is great to know there will be roof in the game. I really hope it is gonna be like the roof in DK1. I remember in DK1, different landscapes have different kinds of roof, some with higher ceiling which create the feeling of a grand hall (ie Lv9 in DK1) and sometimes like a tunnel or a swamp...
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    feature list of my dream

    Totally agree with your idea of having ceiling and wall trap. To be honest the cannons in DK2 are quite boring, I really want the traps in WFTO to be something wicked but interesting, something like the gas trap and rolling rock traps in DK1
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    Ridings the Wave of Nostalgia

    I agree that 50% kickstart fee for a vocal is a bit too much. It raise the question on whether the team have a good budget planning. After all many good games were not able to get to the finishing stage because of bad budget planning ie Doom etc. To be honest I think 150000 pounds is no way...
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    [Poll] Whats your favorite creature from Dungeon Keeper 2 and why ?

    I love the Vampires in DK2. They are not the strongest creatures but they indeed captured the ideas that they are afraid of water and monks. I also love the idea that they can transform into a bat and scout the surrounding areas.
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    [Mechanic] Friendship and Marriage System

    Hello Guys, We all love DK because of the creatures in it. For me, I preferred DK1 more than DK2 because the creatures in DK1 really have their distinct characteristics. The creatures in DK1 give me the feelings that they are alive. I remember very clearly that Warlords and Vampires always...
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