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    Mission 11 Help

    Finally managed to get out of the lag fest that was c10. Now onto c11. I still dont understand the game makers obsession with blitzing in the campaign :(
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    Game Performance a joke ?

    I believe he means fooled, as in game originally said 4 GIG ram needed, but it's now 6 GIG
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    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    c10 still has memory leak, but its slightly better, instead of 1 frame every 3 minutes (after 20 mins game play or something like that) its now 1 frame every 30 seconds or so
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    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    So is the patch today (Tuesday) or tomorrow (Wednesday) ?
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    Anyone managed to complete 10th mission?

    Lucky for you, you get low RAM message.. me... i get low HDD message.. Every time i try and do this mission... 2-4 GIG of HDD space (not a typo) goes missing. For example, this attempt... just over 7 GIG free of space... after it slowed and i ctrl+alt+deleted it... 5.2 GIG of HDD space left..
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    C9 Belmorne's Pass + Traps

    Yeah, i got pwned the first time i tried this level. Had the same thing myself with enemies going for dungeon core. I just made a new tunnel with replacement earth so they couldnt get in. Also.. check my reply out on other post -...
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    Early Adopters Bonus

    Ok, thanks for the replies, good to know :)
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    Cannot complete Belmorne's Pass

    just gotta keep using it whilst you can. Had the same problem myself, 1 zap... wait a bit for 200 mana.. zap again. Beast are pwn machines in this fyi
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    Cannot complete Belmorne's Pass

    Also dont forget.. prob your best offensive non minion.. is your lightning bolt
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    Notice Post Performance issues here

    On this mission myself atm..and after a little while.. i get the exact same problem.... less than 1 fps... mouse cursor dissappears... original 5 imps are... invisible.. unclickable.. etc. Also.. when i am revealing the map with the mana spell...it's not revealing properly. Instead of the main...
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    Cannot complete Belmorne's Pass

    Minions first, then traps. I tried and failed the first time.. HARD just by going traps alone. I built a beast den, and barracks and slaughter pen, plus home for non beasts, that gave me a few minions before they turned up. On the path, i dug out a 5x3 path, so i had 5 bombards with ramparts, 5...
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    Early Adopters Bonus

    Hi, my mate bought this for me, and then gifted it to me via steam, so i understand he will get the bonus... but will i ?
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    Well of Souls is a bit insane

    Was going to make a post myself about well of souls, specially the part where they can kill through walls. Is that an intended feature?
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    Problem with traps

    No problems
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    Problem with traps

    Ah, ok, thanks.
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