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  1. Miyavi

    WFTO Wednesday #108: Brave New World

    I can ravage the wooooooorld Burning, crumbling, blooooodsoaked Tell me, underlord, now when did You last let your -core- decide?
  2. Miyavi

    Naming the lords of the empire

    Lord Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andres Charton-Haymoss Ivanovicci Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III
  3. Miyavi

    WFTO Wednesday #101: Uprising

    i feel it could be improved. Say for example with pigs not wraiths. And a slaughterpen not crypt.
  4. Miyavi

    [Spell/ritual] Boaring Ritual

    thats why i put spell/ritual ;p the loss of food production supposed to be a minor side effect anyway. not really meant to have that much functional impact. Giant bloated diseased kamikaze death bacon is supposed to be the impact ;p
  5. Miyavi

    [Spell/ritual] Boaring Ritual

    I love how everyone says it affecting the enemy slaughter pen is a bad idea and maybe it should come from your own instead......because thats exactly what i said it would do ;p
  6. Miyavi

    WFTO Wednesday #99: Constructs

    When its an overminer
  7. Miyavi

    [Spell/ritual] Boaring Ritual

    A spell or mass ritual of some description Effect: Infect 1 or all of the micro piglets in your slaughter pen with a deadly magical virus causing them to fill with blood and swell up to enormous size becoming Blood Boars. Blood boars are enraged and will mindlessly head towards the nearest...
  8. Miyavi

    Naming the lords of the empire

    The great dwarven city of machinebears is the only good thing a place has ever been named.
  9. Miyavi

    Your RPG Character!

    Yeah those arent bad at al......of you mean the CHARACHTER
  10. Miyavi

    Hatred Game - Thoughts?

    tonnes of games you can just butcher the innocent and no one gives a shit about that....it actually looks surprisingly well made though tbh
  11. Miyavi

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

  12. Miyavi

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

  13. Miyavi

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

    off the top of my head, 2. And there both about alternate universes. Thats a pretty big coincidence now i think about it.
  14. Miyavi

    Sketch-a-Game (Image Heavy)

    Id be pretty surprised if anyone got it tbh
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