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    Multiplayer: future?

    hamachi confirmed was able to use with two players already just use hamatchi's IP to direct connect via the game also create network via hamachi and make sure the other party joins it before beginning to connect.
  2. Moreum

    Spectator mode

    or broadcast via steam which is not ideal to be honest :(
  3. Moreum

    Photos of you

    gentlemen this is a choice people make either vape, smoke cigarettes (heck I'm smoking one right now), and weed. I don't smoke too much or vape too much and weed consumption for me is extremely low like once a month low for medicinal purposes, However, I have friends that can't get enough of it...
  4. Moreum

    Photos of you

    Try Vaping
  5. Moreum

    The old underworld.

    love your maps
  6. Moreum

    Discord server maybe?

    okay I joined the server, I am active on some communities and pc master race server on discord just run on another dispay reading stuff and sometimes getting into voice conversations with people. And I don't know where Xander got an idea that I am selling this I have more important stuff to do...
  7. Moreum

    Discord server maybe?

    nobody for real. No really nobody I just like the service.
  8. Moreum

    Discord server maybe?

    Greetings dear community, I have been sorta quite here on the forums since I just didn't have nothing to say and just waiting for better optimization for the game (devs please focus on optimizing the game, the latest patch worsened optimization imho). However, that's besides the point now back...
  9. Moreum

    WFTO Statuettes

    when are we getting the coupons btw ? Or did I miss it in my massive email ?
  10. Moreum

    War for the Underground is looking for you I guess.

    Greetings dear War for the Overworld players, You are probably wondering what this War for the Underground is. Is it another attempt in creating a War for the Overworld comminity and the answer issss..... ..... .... .... NO! NO! NO! Well then what the heck is it then. Well I'll tell...
  11. Moreum

    The best template for Steam controller

    any of you have ever seen the beast controller from Steam before you jump to conclusions ?
  12. Moreum

    The best template for Steam controller

    Greetings dear community, I had recently purchased steam controller the most complicated input device there is on the market right now and yes before all of you will say that it's shit well it's not it's just the user is shit with it I guess. It has a very steep learning curve which makes it...
  13. Moreum

    MP Competition

    hey guys if you want to hone some skills as I'm quite rusty and I am pretty sure the qa guys have pretty big advantage over the regular players hence I propose to work on some skills before matches begin please add me in steam and let's practice a bit shall we. My steam name is M0r3um with the...
  14. Moreum

    MP Competition

    alright count this grumpy dude in if it's happening for real :) Edit: #hype and yes I can host
  15. Moreum

    MUltiplayer tournament

    well seems like there's nobody replying to this topic anymore. Shame indeed if we really had enough people we could set everything up for the tournament though.
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