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  1. Noontide

    Steam and DRM-free version questions

    Hi callmesteve, The DRM-Free version is on GOG and unfortunately we do not have the permission to gift GOG copies of the game to users on Steam. Ocassionally games do become available for transferring to your GOG account via the GOG Connect service. I can't say when WFTO might next be available...
  2. Noontide

    Help! Digging paths

    I'll have a shout around to see if any of our QA Volunteers might be able to advise you as they're probably the most familiar with actually using MightyScript to achieve some of what you're looking for. It'd take me a bit longer to go through everything but I am planning to provide more...
  3. Noontide

    Foundry Content Korean Translation

    Thank you for this update. I've included your files in the download for the translation. I decided to keep the original v1.6 version as well for parity with the Steam Workshop. If possible I would recommend you upload these files to the workshop as well under a separate "Mod" if you cannot...
  4. Noontide

    Korean Translation - Updated Translation by Monakomi

    We have updated the files here to include the v2.0.5 translation provided by Monakomi in this thread. As these files are not available on the Steam Workshop we have decided to include the current Workshop version as well for parity. Thank you for the update! Please read Monakomi's message below:
  5. Noontide

    Foundry Content Korean Translation

    Noontide updated Korean Translation with a new update entry: Updated Translation by Monakomi Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. Noontide

    Story Driven Campaign Master of Possession v3

    A Custom Campaign featured in the October 2018 Community Spotlight which focusses on possession gameplay. Each level is has a bespoke script and forces the player to uutilise possession to the best of their ability. With varied, interesting and challenging levels this campaign must be...
  7. Noontide

    Developer's Choice Community Spotlight - October 2018 v1

    We've brought together a collection of our favourite maps from across the workshop as part of our October 2018 spotlight! 9 Levels are included in this pack. The Master of Possession campaign can be downloaded separately here. For instructions on how to load these packs into your game see our...
  8. Noontide

    Compilation Community Spotlight - October 2018

    Noontide submitted a new resource: Community Spotlight - October 2018 - A collection of levels chosen and curated by the development team for October 2018 Read more about this resource...
  9. Noontide

    Community Spotlight - October 2018

    Click here to view the full update! Click here to view the Steam Workshop Collection!
  10. Noontide

    Humble Expansions, Streams and Patch 2.0.6

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  11. Noontide

    Patch 2.0.5 Now Available!

    Click here to read the full Release Notes.
  12. Noontide

    Brightrock Games is Three Years Old!

    Probably at least a year away, maybe more. :)
  13. Noontide

    Brightrock Games is Three Years Old!

    Three years ago we brought the core team of Subterranean Games together and reformed under the banner of Brightrock Games. Since then we've done incredible things together and shaped War for the Overworld into something special. Now we look towards our future and our next project which is well...
  14. Noontide

    WOW the last time i was on was in 2013 and this is amazing!

    Cheers! Thank you so much for the kind words, really glad that you're pleased with the end result! It's always wonderful to hear that we've satisfied our backers as we wouldn't be here without the kind support you offered us in the early days!
  15. Noontide

    Community Update & Developer Stream Tomorrow

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