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  1. Noontide

    Post 2.0 - What Happens Now?

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  2. Noontide

    Units Stats

    Long term we have some plans on how we'd like to handle a few of these things. We might start sharing some more detailed stats on units as part of those plans and if it's something the community wants I'm definitely open to it! :)
  3. Noontide

    Forum Upgraded

    Hello Folks, As you're most likely aware if you're reading this we've recently upgraded our forum's software from the very old version of Xenforo we were using to the new Xenforo 2. This move has a number of major benefits and fixes quite a few problems which were starting to build up in how...
  4. Noontide

    The Under Games Expansion and Patch 2.0 Now Available!

    Pleased to hear it Sapphire! :)
  5. Noontide


    Hi John, I'm sorry I'm afraid I don't entirely understand the nature of your problem. Is it the case that you're attempting to load a saved game which for some reason isn't loading? What do you mean by not being able to find the mutators? Was this save created before 2.0? It's possible that...
  6. Noontide

    Useful Files & Templates

    Mighty Script is the name of the new scripting tools in the Map Editor, it allows players to create complex scenarios by tying together events and actions. Basically it greatly expands the capabilities of the Map Editor. In terms of translation it's quite heavy as we have hundreds of tweakable...
  7. Noontide

    Useful Files & Templates

    Hi all, Files are now up for the 2.0 release, however please be aware they do not currently include keys for MightyScript which is still undergoing changes. As things settle down on our side we'll release those as well. Sorry for the delay this was a big one! :) Cheers, Lee
  8. Noontide

    The Under Games Expansion and Patch 2.0 Now Available!

    Click here to read the Full Post Click here to view the Release Notes Buy Now At: Steam GOG Brightrock Store
  9. Noontide

    Existing underlords

    For the purposes of The Under Games campaign the original Underlords will be sharing traits with the four playable ones, mostly to give them a fighting chance. With the number of Underlords available it wouldn't have been feasible to go through and make them all unique. It's something we think...
  10. Noontide

    Meet Underlord Lamash - The Rotting Reaper!

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  11. Noontide

    2.0 Preview: Map Editor & Mighty Script w/ Updated EULA

    Click here to read the full blog post on the new Map Editor! Click here to read about our updated EULA
  12. Noontide

    Meet Underlord Volta - The Infernal Contraption

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  13. Noontide

    Themes, Remasters & AI

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  14. Noontide

    Dungeoneer Toolkit Scrapped?

    Redacted a handful of information that could potentially be used to identify your account to Steam Support. As Nutter quite rightly identified you purchased your copy of the game via Steam purchasing an Underlord Edition during the Early Access period. We've never sold any physical goods via...
  15. Noontide

    Will we get more info on the "enhanced skirmish AI" in 2.0?

    The AI has been rebuilt from the group up. It's simply better in every possible way :D There is no modding support in 2.0, we'll be covering the changes to the map editor a little bit later down the line.
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