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  1. Nutter

    Scripting Help

    You probably mean the Discord right?
  2. Nutter

    Timer not working

    It sounds like you just need to set the patrol route on the party of units that you're spawning (So they know to follow the path).
  3. Nutter

    Timer not working

    You're not using a Timer there... SetTimerState isn't an actual timer, it's just a function to turn a (pre-created) timer on/off. That's the main mistake I see, as for why they're both spawning immediately: OnStart happens at the start of the game and since both of your spawn unit actions are...
  4. Nutter

    Help! "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    Glad you managed to solve it.
  5. Nutter

    Help! Some more Scripts I'm having trouble with.

    I believe that "Build Defense" is the action equivalent to dropping a single defense part onto a blueprint (i.e partially building it) vs SpawnDefense completing the full defense instantly. Your other issues have already been fixed internally so should be resolved once the next major patch hits.
  6. Nutter

    Help! "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    From the looks of your last screenshot, it seems like the SetRevealer action has become "unlinked" to the tile it's supposed to be linked to, same with the MoveCamera action.
  7. Nutter

    Help! Timers question

    If you set them as enabled they will start at the start of the map, if you set them as not enabled you need to use ToggleTimerState to start them when you want to.
  8. Nutter

    DLC question.

    Pretty sure your "complete version" only covered content until that point.
  9. Nutter

    How is everyone doing with the new campaign?

    Grabbing one does "wake up" the AI. I found a good solution is to impasse the actual shrine to prevent it bring claimed whilst you build up some defenses, then claim it.
  10. Nutter

    DLC question.

    Pretty sure you'd have to buy it twice.
  11. Nutter

    2.0 Preview: Map Editor & Mighty Script w/ Updated EULA

    1. They'd follow the rally flag I assume.. there is basically no difference between a Unit spawned from a Gateway and one spawned via script (except obviously the spawn location, etc), they just join your army. And yes I believe they do count to your population as well. 2. Pretty sure the buffs...
  12. Nutter

    Dungeoneer Toolkit Scrapped?

    Wait, that suggests you bought the (underlord edition of the) game on steam during early access, rather that backed on Kickstarter.
  13. Nutter

    Dungeoneer Toolkit Scrapped?

    Those were sent out literally years ago now, you should have had those a long time ago if you were eligible for them.
  14. Nutter

    i Thought Brightrock said that it will abandon Overworld?

    They are currently working on the final Expansion and Patch 2.0 content which will be the last major updates before they move onto their next game project. They aren't abandoning WFTO entirely though, there will still be bug fixes, etc as needed.
  15. Nutter

    Dungeoneer Toolkit Scrapped?

    No, they just use Unity, Dungeoneer was an experiment to build their own engine (or extension) rather than using Unity and it failed/got scrapped so now the game is just built in Unity.
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