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  1. Randy19

    European Languages Return & Patch 1.6.66

    Cool. Glad to see stuff is still happening. Looking forward to the next expansion, keep up the good work guys!
  2. Randy19

    Dungeon Keeper is 20 Today!

    Dungeon Keeper, ah yes. Was actually the first real game i ever played when i was little. 20 years huh? Man...
  3. Randy19

    Share custom content on the Foundry

    Always glad to see when developers appreciate when their community helps to make their game better(unlike a certain other developer that made news lately, that we don't want to mention here*coughrockstarcough*). As a early adopter of WftO i can only say that your open communication with your...
  4. Randy19

    Patch 1.6 Preview - Possessive Progression

    That sounds really neat but as a mapmaker i need to ask one question: Can we use the Underminer as a creature? That way we could use that and Obsidian to create areas we can freely use once we for example defeated the boss at the end, and hide treasure to gain for exploring Posession-Only...
  5. Randy19

    7 locked Sins?

    I see. Makes sense
  6. Randy19

    7 locked Sins?

    Just noticed that towards the late tech tree in the Heart of Gold game there are 7 locked sins. Figured maybe they are locked in campaign and only usable in free play, but they are locked there as well. What's up with those? Future planned Sins? Bugged Sins? Unlockable Sins? Just there to...
  7. Randy19

    Getting rid of them...

    Blood Money is probably the most usefull idea. Otherwise torturing them to death is especially usefull if you have a Spirit Chamber since you can use the spirits they release to power up your remaining minions. Just throwing them away is the fastets way, but doesn't give you any of the benefits...
  8. Randy19

    Heart of Gold Release Date & Preview: Gild

    I have just one thing to say: Just found that out! Whoops. Don't mind me then ^^
  9. Randy19

    Heart of Gold Release Date & Preview: Gild

    Just one day to go! Exciting! On another note, i like the new Design of the Website. I'm just kinda sad that it doesn't show news anymore. It always nice to just take a quick look at the site quickly and see if something new was up on one look, instead of having to search trough the forum.
  10. Randy19

    QA Response Suggestions by a DK2 fan

    I can't stress how extremely against one choice locking another i am. You speak of making the game more flexible in one point, but then want to severely limit the player like that in other points? I agree to a point that unlocking sins is a bit fast right now, but just making you able to buy...
  11. Randy19

    Integrated To make a tab for multiplayer, which is immediately visible in the available games.

    I think he means to create a kind of lobby like you have for example in most Command and Conquer games: http://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/165/164602/auto/SWRnet_demo_1.jpg Where it leads you directly to the lobby which shows open games and gives you a button "create game" which takes...
  12. Randy19

    Accepted 1.2: Prop Priority

    That too yes.
  13. Randy19

    Accepted 1.2: Prop Priority

    Heya. I don't know if it's a bug or just not implemented, but either way there is one big flaw with the adjacenty bonus for props right now: Creatures don't care shit about it. It happened several times now that i had a room with 2 props of full bonus and two props of only one or two pieces of...
  14. Randy19

    Door: Masochistic Door

    So as an example it starts with 100 health, and a enemy bashes it down to 1 then after the battle it's at 1/199 and recovers to the new maximum? I majorly dislike the idea. But that's for the developers to decide.
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