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  1. RedBat

    Home realm reset

    There have been problems with loading saved games since the release of WFTO, my only advice is to play each level and take a break between and NOT save. I dont save, i just play.
  2. RedBat

    Home realm reset

    I dont have any of those problems, what specs on your computer do you have? Well in v 1.018 my dungeon heart could be destroyed, and all my creatures would just leave one by one. But the game did not stop. But that is fixed for me now.
  3. RedBat

    WFTO Wednesday #123: Balancing Act

    I like the increased cost. It's to easy as it is now just to select and dig out and then later use "RE" to fix it. I like my dungeons tidy as well, but i also like when you have to carefully select where to dig, and later on eventually fix it with "RE". Also i think the game should be focused...
  4. RedBat

    Photos of you

    Huh, funny. I have only seen "wild" plants a few times in my life, but then again i live in Sweden where you get in jail for just being in the same picture as that plant. I can only speak on my behalf, and that is i have no particular interest in sharing pictures and i have no "good" pictures...
  5. RedBat

    Are you planning to buy official Steam machine in November?

    That was one expensive piece of tech. Is it so expensive in UK compared to Sweden to buy computers? I will NOT buy ^^
  6. RedBat

    Photos of you

    So what's up with that last picture, is it what i think it is? o_O I don't do well on pictures, let's just say i like food, fastfood in particular and lots of workouts.
  7. RedBat

    My thoughts on WFTO

    No, that's YOUR opinion about the game, not mine or others by your terms. I like the idea where you can destroy walls, in DK1 the gameplay was so incredible SLOW due to small paths (since you couldnt brake walls and doors only took 1tile). I LOVED DK2, and still do this day. That game was so...
  8. RedBat

    My thoughts on WFTO

    You havent finished yet and you're complaining? JK, i too are a bit frustrated about the imps, they are really not smart or really useful. I Really hope for improvments on the imps, and the walls as well.
  9. RedBat

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    Try restart the map (yeah i know it sucks), i notice early in the game if the AI is aggro or not. Sometimes i get rushed, sometimes not. Still some bugs.
  10. RedBat

    Early adopter bonus and Steam

    Just to be sure mate.
  11. RedBat

    The doors discussion

    I agree with you both, the weaker doors should be on automatic while the bigger ones should be controlled manually. However, it would be very interesting to se an option in skirmish mode to alternate this things, door mechanics etc.
  12. RedBat

    State of the Game 13-04-2015

    Keep up the good work! As al' of the others in here, im an "old" DK fan. Take your time, waiting with patience is one of the underlords most important talent.
  13. RedBat

    C9 Belmorne's Pass

    Find this map filled with most bugs, i have completed the campaign twice since v 1.014. Every time i play this map trying to use defence (boosted with garrison), the enemy are still to strong to fight back and many creatures ignore the rally flag if it's close to payday or if they feel hungry...
  14. RedBat

    Early adopter bonus and Steam

    Would this apply to me as well? I bought the game roughly a year ago, have two other mates who wonder the same thing.
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