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  1. Redguy

    Notice Post crash reports here

    Ahhh, it could be the same bug as mine. However, I just create the "no imp" flag and after few seconds the game crashes.
  2. Redguy

    Notice Post crash reports here

    Got a crash at the same time on the map.. now I got a full log 0.6.0 did not crash through playing the campaign maps.
  3. Redguy

    v0.7.3.3 Feedback

    Picking up gold Wouldn't it look better outlining the gold? https://vid.me/cXws Creatures walk through obstacles Make hit boxes around things like this? https://vid.me/kwIS Big models Make the ceiling higher like in DK2? higher ceilings would look more impressive IMHO. https://vid.me/DUs8...
  4. Redguy

    Notice Post crash reports here

    Windows 8.1 64bit - WFTO Game crashed on campaign-2 Got no time-stamped folders ? So I only attach the output_log.txt Could be a Unity problem because I have another Early Access Unity game called Road Redemption that always crashes on me. Hope this is something that can be fixed...
  5. Redguy

    block selection

    It also feels confusing to me.
  6. Redguy

    First play feedback (v0.6.1)

    I'm new here. An old DK fan :D Just bought your Early Access and I must say you are doing a great job! I know you are working on polishing the game for release. However, I wrote down few things I saw on my first run through the campaign and skirmish. Hope it helps. Gold mouseover Highlight...
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