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  1. rhasta

    Mission 12, Mission Impossible (Minor Spoilers)

    Did any of you have the brooding enemy keeper die by himself without you attacking?
  2. rhasta

    Seeking dark voice actors for another DK Spiritual Successor

    I've not heard word one from them after submitting some audio files. Perhaps they are busy with other projects...
  3. rhasta

    Why do Most People Hate Level 8?

    It was too long. Too much time walking around looking for the entrance into the next objective area. If the map was smaller and had more tricky objectives, it would have been a lot more fun. Didn't hate it per se but didn't like it either. After a while it just became monotonous.
  4. rhasta

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    Shadows. I've been experiencing the same thing in c12. Btw, anyone experience a really bad lag after loading a c12 saved game?
  5. rhasta

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    same here. saved games will always crash regardless, every time there's a new patch. at least thats what happens in my case.
  6. rhasta

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    you can't load old games. you'll have to replay the level. i'm pleased to report that c10 is beatable. there were no frame drops. no lag. no probs. patch 1.18 worked like a dream!
  7. rhasta

    WFTO Wednesday #118: Hot off the Presses

    Would it be possible to tell us when will patch 16 be out? I'm dying to finish campaign level 10.
  8. rhasta

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    Did you manage to complete level 10 by doing this?
  9. rhasta

    Compiled Hotfix Notes

    me too.
  10. rhasta

    Nutter's Concept Art Thread

    Just a suggestion, could you make the slime a little more evil looking. Perhaps kinda like this:
  11. rhasta

    Subterranean Games censoring posts.

    One thing I realize about Blizzard games, the loud, obnoxious, probably juvenile minority makes the most noise. The BULK of people who buy these games are not hardcore gamers. They buy the game, finish the campaign, play a little custom game or multiplayer and go on their way. Cuz they have...
  12. rhasta

    Anyone managed to complete 10th mission?

    dammit, came so close to destroying the last obelisk and the game crashed. 10 more minutes was all I needed!!!
  13. rhasta

    Anyone managed to complete 10th mission?

    did u do it in one sitting?
  14. rhasta

    Subterranean Games censoring posts.

    Haha, that would require me running the site, mate. I don't mind building one, running one takes too much responsibility. though if anyone's interested in starting one, i wudn't mind designing it.
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