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  1. Roysten

    Imps shall not engage in Sisyphean toil (they are trying to take over the earth, protected by Outpos

    I can't offer any solution and can only acknowledge how annoying the situation is. Do want to say though how much I love the phrase "Sisyphean toil", is going to be my mission to get that into a conversation this month!
  2. Roysten

    Demonic Park

    I've completed the campaigns and have enjoyed many of the skirmish maps provided with the game, some of my own and others submitted by the community, however I'd not really tried any of the scenario maps. I tried the "Demonic Park" map the other day and have only just finished it after 9 hours...
  3. Roysten

    State of the Game - November 2016

    Quite a bittersweet post but still great to hear! Very much looking forward to this new content, the game has come on in leaps and bounds since first release, thanks and congratulations to you all for the achievement! Looking forward to hear what the next release is going to be !
  4. Roysten

    Guarding Areas

    Fair enough, you're not wrong. Perhaps an alternative could be that the construct teleports your creatures to it when the alarm goes off (providing that they are on your territory), so removing the need for a long walk and allowing your units to get on with their day-jobs. Another alternative...
  5. Roysten

    Guarding Areas

    Perhaps another alternative would be a construct that functions like a proximity alarm. This construct could have a radius that triggers an alarm when an enemy is close. When the alarm is triggered minions that are part of a special rally group "guard duty" or similar could then hot-tail it the...
  6. Roysten

    What is your favourite defences and trap layout?

    If possible I like to funnel the enemy to a couple of blade lotus's with bombards behind them. Depending on the space available I generally don't bother with gargoyles but with the rebalancing I may have to look again. When I'm expanding into a new area I generally like to place bombards over an...
  7. Roysten

    Feedback Thus far on Heart of Gold

    Thought I'd throw in my 2-cents on HoG and 1.4. Firstly congratulations team! I've gritted my teeth when playing the earlier versions of this game with glitches, bugs and general unpolished balancing making it sometimes quite a frustrating game to play, for all the wrong reasons! With each...
  8. Roysten

    What you Underlord's want

    Hi guys, This thread is a dual purpose for me, firstly it's a shameless plug of my recent map The Betrayal, additionally I thought it'd be good to gauge the kind of maps that people like to play, which will be useful for me and hopefully for other people on here who enjoy making maps. Firstly...
  9. Roysten

    Patch 1.5 (survival mode?)

    I think the choice of things to add to the patch was handled intelligently. Upgrades to the AI would be very welcome in 1.5!
  10. Roysten

    Worker golden skin

    Thanks guys, I'll do that! Hopefully the others mentioned will pick up on this too.
  11. Roysten

    Worker golden skin

    Hi guys, my map got showcased back in Jan - thanks very much for that, it meant a lot to get that recognition. The post said that map makers would get the coveted golden worker skin. I was wondering how/if this is happening? I figured it might be with the new patch but apparently not. Is...
  12. Roysten

    Heart of Gold & Patch 1.4 Now Available

    My download finished today, looking forward to getting stuck in over the weekend. Indeed a lot of patch notes, clearly a lot of work!
  13. Roysten

    Heart of Gold Release Date & Preview: Gild

    F*ck yes! That is all.
  14. Roysten

    Heart of Gold Release Date & Preview: Gild

    A Hull resident here who'd be up for a Yorkshire tournament. Am waiting with baited breath now!
  15. Roysten

    Heart of Gold Preview: Aureate Monolith

    May 2017 ! Nah, hopefully within a couple of weeks. To make things interesting I'm going to bet the release date will be Thursday the 19th of May.
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