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  1. SADevil

    Units Stats

    That would be great! :) As a curator of Russian WFTO Wiki I'm in much need of a reliable source of such information.
  2. SADevil

    Units Stats

    I wander, if there won't be any unit stats changes anymore, can we get final numbers? Not every change has been documented in patch notes, and it became increasingly difficult to track relevant data.
  3. SADevil

    [Old Members] Come back to say Hi

    Hi! I've been mostly lurking here since 2013. I must confess, that I didn't pass after level 3 of WFTO because I don't want to ruin my impression by playing on my 8 years old PC. I'm patiently waiting for ever coming upgrade to immerse myself in the game :)
  4. SADevil

    привет, я русский хех

    Привет! С момента релиза WFTO были выпущены десятки патчей разных калибров и ещё запланировано два крупных обновления (одно из которых должно выйти сегодня) и второе дополнение. Так что над игрой до сих пор активно работают. За новостями по WFTO на русском можно следить в группе ВКонтакте по...
  5. SADevil

    WFTO: Translations

    There are patch notes in Russian, but I don't know about other languages. I think it is for us to translate them, because translation isn't free, or some developers would need to spend their time to translate patch notes to their native language (we know Brightrock is pretty international), but...
  6. SADevil

    OpenKeeper! Dungeon Keeper 2 Opensource!

    Here's what they wrote about the project on GitHub: So they are making a new open source engine that will use DK2 assets and will make it possible to change or add anything to the game.
  7. SADevil

    Lower the imps' AI tendency to fortify, please?

    You mean this fix (the fourth from below)? :) Fixed a rare issue where unit shields could sometimes continue to be displayed even after a unit’s death
  8. SADevil

    Spawn Rules

    Hmm... I can be mistaken but as far as I know Cultists can be attracted by Sanctuary without the need to build Archive, because only they can work there. But I need to test this because now I'm confused.
  9. SADevil

    Spawn Rules

    Very useful information! What I didn't find though is how many Cultists are attracted by Sanctuary prop.
  10. SADevil

    Button recall to small

    I set it manually. May be by default it's really is a quick exit from the game? Which I doubt, but who knows :)
  11. SADevil

    Button recall to small

    I prefer to use hot keys for that, it's much faster, thanks to extensive controls options in WFTO. I set Rally All to 'Q' and Cancel Rally All to 'Ctrl+Q'. But of course interface should be easy to use too.
  12. SADevil

    Make titans level 10

    What about other creatures who can't level up (Workers, Ghouls, etc.)? Is there something planned about them as well?
  13. SADevil

    The doors discussion

    I haven't consider any OPness of the doors, I just suggested another way to incorporate old door mechanics into WFTO without loosing its own mechanics. Any way I prefer DK2 doors, because they provide some life to the dungeon (with constant opening and closing) even then you don't have enemies...
  14. SADevil

    The doors discussion

    May be an addition of third door-mode could help, that will make them function as in DK2 (let friendly units to enter and not enemies). For example: 1. By default door functions as in DK2 (so it provide defense than your units aren't near with no need to manualy close them) 2. Left click for...
  15. SADevil

    Introduction thread

    Hi! Actually your post is on the tenth page of this thread :)
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