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    Manga/Anime discussion thread.

    Lately Swords Arts online. A bit heavy but it is beautifull
  2. Sarevokus

    [Neutral Creature] Pixie

    I really like this. IT is cute, fun and interesting creature :D
  3. Sarevokus

    Competition in the god-game genre!? Maia on Kickstarter

    It was stated few times thta Devs have a deal with TB Why do you think they want to have kickstarter ASAP ;)
  4. Sarevokus

    Competition in the god-game genre!? Maia on Kickstarter

    Well it was to be expected after that TB video :P
  5. Sarevokus

    Video Game Music

    Nope i found it while watching some streams. Few streamers used it and i liked it so i got the link :D
  6. Sarevokus

    Video Game Music

    Final Fantasy soundtrack Terran theme for SC1 Tropico 4 music Bastion but generally : http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/18fR5r/vip.aersia.net/vip.swf
  7. Sarevokus

    ::[Suggestion]:: Creature - Arachnah

    1) there is an edit function no need to double post 2) There is new format for a while, so i suggest you stick to it 3) I say no to mega unbalanced creatures, even when they are hard to get.
  8. Sarevokus

    [Empire] The Duelist

    Fiora anyhow ? Well how can we know that role is oversaturated if we don't know about what you guys have :D Well i think duelist could be modified to be some kind of an assassin anyway :P
  9. Sarevokus

    [Empire] The Duelist

    I mean with my kind of playstyle aka pick enemies bit by bit with possessed creature. In campaign (vs heroes) i had many duels so having this creature would be really good for that. But i agree it would be bad vs mass armies. :/
  10. Sarevokus

    [Empire] The Duelist

    Actually interesting idea. When possessed this creatre would be god like in campaign ]:->
  11. Sarevokus

    Isn't The Old Format Old Now?

    Probably they still need suggestions. If we manage to post a topic that have a high possitive feedback from us they might add it :) Prolly nothing is set in stone yet And yes there is new format but noone bothered to change the suggestion topic :P
  12. Sarevokus

    [Special Creature]Worm

    If you mean something like that, taing into account the hand changes (?) i would prefer to have it free in base and eat my preacious stuff and when the time comes i would use possession to unleash the fatness all over enemy wall :p I think that would bring some player involment if he wanted to...
  13. Sarevokus

    [Special Creature]Worm

    If you had read suggestion carefully i stated that ic could need special food to be summoned and you can have a single Worm at a time. I don't like idea of summoning spells. They would throw the balance off the charts. It is suggestion tho and any comments are helpfull foe devs.
  14. Sarevokus

    [Trap Class: Siege Weapons]

    There was some talk about this when the topic of claimed walls was talked about. There was few suggestions like my siege worm, some buildable (trap like) battering rams, imps with explosives etc.
  15. Sarevokus

    WFTO Development Diary #9 - The Calm Before The Storm

    :) I like how i got first :P Twitter OP ! But for content of this thread. Where can i redirect my enthusiasm? Because after i read this a lot of it remains :/
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