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    DLC question.

    Unfortunately we were only able to offer the match functionality for a limit time. On top of that, it doesn't support DLC / expansions. There's no way for us to link purchases between your GOG and Steam accounts at present.
  2. Simburgur

    Dungeoneer Toolkit Scrapped?

    Can you recall what tier you backed the Kickstarter at?
  3. Simburgur

    Fog of War Locking/Possession Door

    Any luck @Electrolight?
  4. Simburgur

    Fog of War Locking/Possession Door

    Or maybe it's not the door but something else that's bugged. The door/FoW is working fine for me. Here it is in the editor (FoW locking highlighted - note the door itself is not highlighted): Here it is in-game before completion: And here it is after completion: Was your possession...
  5. Simburgur

    Fog of War Locking/Possession Door

    From another thread: But this looks like it's probably a bug, could you post it to the bug tracker with the steps you went through to cause it? Thanks!
  6. Simburgur

    Just finished My Pet Dungeon, and...

    The way it works is if a patch of locked FoW is touching a possession door, it'll be revealed when that door is destroyed. The way to use this is to put a player-owned Underminer at the end of the room, linked to one side of the door via Obsidian (if the Obsidian is destroyed, so is the door).
  7. Simburgur

    Protect Maps

    Credit has now been added :)
  8. Simburgur

    Just finished My Pet Dungeon, and...

    Fog of war locking should work independently from needing to use the Possession Door mechanics, but a Possession Door still needs to be placed somewhere on the map for you to be able to paint it. However, without making use of the possession door there is no way to actually remove that locked...
  9. Simburgur

    My Pet Achievements Issue

    Yup, sorry, Frostfossil wasn't awarding achievements properly but we fixed that in one of the updates :) Hope you're enjoying the DLC!
  10. Simburgur

    Protect Maps

    Hey Electrolight - I've requested he add a credit to you. If he doesn't then I'll take the map down. We don't intend to add permissions like that simply because it'll get quite messy and difficult to control.
  11. Simburgur

    Infinte Power! With God Mode

    It's not :)
  12. Simburgur

    Patch 1.6 Preview - Possessive Progression

    Specifically - you use the 'click' function of any defence/construct. Lock doors, rotate Gargoyles, etc.
  13. Simburgur

    My Pet?

  14. Simburgur

    Happy Birthday Josh!

    You're older than me.
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