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    [Creature] Tokoloshe

    South Africa!!! Too bad we cannot have a "Juju"! Then you can Nationalize the ore veins so that other keepers cannot mine them.
  2. Sloffie

    [Client] Showcase Client Autoupdate

    Currently it is quite a schlepp to download the showcase file each time. It would be neat if you could release a client that auto updates each time I launch it and only downloads the latest content. Some of us live in deep, dark africa where it takes up to 30min to download a 200mb file.
  3. Sloffie

    [Creature] Tokoloshe

    Yes, if there is no graveyard then cultists could also do a ritual over a corpse. Thing is the way I picture the tokoloshe in game is that it is a weak creature but very versatile. Making sure it does not break the balance is crucial. That is one of the reasons I suggested it hates being...
  4. Sloffie

    [Creature] Tokoloshe

    Name Tokoloshe (pronounced 'Taw-Caw-Law-she') - (Taw as the 'Ta' from Tall, Caw as the 'caw' from Macaw) Preface : The Tokoloshe is a mischievous dwarf like creature in Native South African folk lore. It is a type of zombie summoned by witches or shamans to terrorize someone who has offended...
  5. Sloffie

    [Creature] Thorny Hunger

    -Hungry Horror -Munch Fiend -Gluttodemon -Gobblemonster
  6. Sloffie

    [Creature] Thorny Hunger

    Hehe... come to think of it, there is most probably a better name for the creature. ;) Any suggestions? -Hungry Fiend -Muncher -Rudy -Colossal Fiend -Toothed Horror I am not too great with names. ;)
  7. Sloffie

    [other] Ravines

    I like the idea of ravines. I am picturing massive chasms like the type in Lord of The Rings movie (Mines of Moria). I hear the concerns about creatures falling in and I will not like it if my whole army falls into the nothingness. I like the fences idea about claimed land. The idea I like the...
  8. Sloffie

    [Mechanic] Building walls

    I think the idea has merit, although I do not believe players should be able to "refill" areas. Remember, they are not really walls, you are underground and are digging out a cavern which you then claim. So I say let the player build walls. Thinner and weaker than dungeon walls. Approach it like...
  9. Sloffie

    [Creature] Thorny Hunger

    Units Name : Thorny Hunger (Provisional Name) Preface: My favorite monster in Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2 was the Bile Demon. Today while I was playing Doom 2 I came across a Cacodemon. After killing it I thought it would be neat if I could sort of combine the two into a unique demon for WFTO. I...
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