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    Hi and welcome

    Welcome! In address to your "Bad" points: 1). I think the graphics look nice, might be your old graphic card? Check the resolution your using. 2). I completely agree, many players wished for a slower pace meant for building dungeons rather than rts style running around 3). You're in luck, they...
  2. Slothful

    More Intuitive Creature Panel

    I'm saying there could be 5 seperate shields. Each creatures shield would be there. They'd be smallish, but still easier to recognize then the current numbers.
  3. Slothful

    More Intuitive Creature Panel

    From what I've seen, a fair number of players would agree that the current creature panel is less then ideal. It manages to provide all the relevant information in a way that is difficult to click through, and makes your head hurt just looking at the creature numbers and trying to line them up...
  4. Slothful

    Community Spotlight #2

    Thanks all for the sweet maps, and thank you devs for the possession door. That sounds awesome
  5. Slothful

    efficient units work speed effects

    Ha. Yeah, no I totally think their animations should be sped up. This is definitely a relevant thread. I also believe that there is no such thing as over-slapping your imps. If they are running around slow enough for me to give em the backhand, they deserve to get it. :D
  6. Slothful

    efficient units work speed effects

    Solution: don't bother figuring out whos gotten a slap already, simply slap all the imps. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Its good to be evil amIright?
  7. Slothful

    Things I Would Still Love to See Added

    I understand the difficulties involved with creature animation, but as mishko points out, they really do make the game. Having some gnarling dance a jig or something when its ecstatic or creatures get in a drunken brawl at the tavern or strike up a dice game for example would really make wfto...
  8. Slothful

    [Overlord] anime/manga

    Saw this and gotta put in a plug. Not a big fan of anime what with constant stills and weird voicing, but the idea of this is fantastic. Its based on a light novel you can find online by googling "skythewood" and "overlord". I can't recommend it enough. Fun "light" reading with a really cool...
  9. Slothful

    WFTO Wednesday #57: Player Research

    This is looking better and better every week! Congrats on the great progress. Make sure you take your time refining the UI into the best possible because it is arguably the most important part of the game. I just want to emphasize that in a dungeon game with lots of singleplayer/sandbox, a lot...
  10. Slothful

    WFTO Wednesday #21: The Vein of Greed

    bwahaha thats excactly what us turtles want...and don't expect us to just sit and slap imps around once your minions came, saw, and got squashed in our deadly halls... ;)
  11. Slothful

    Initial Thoughts

    Thanks Aelius Ive been looking for buttons for camera rotation and zoom for a while, its in the youtube videos, so clearly possible lol, but no one ever explains it, and i couldnt find anyplace in the forum as a guide to hotkeys or actual gameplay...
  12. Slothful

    Possible creatures.

    damn these are sweet ideas...im getting so pumped for this game. Even if they dont include many more creatures, with modding and DLCs, there is so much potential for variety. And Unorthodox, kudos for doing this stuff in real life, though that second to last pic of the adult 'snarkies' with the...
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